Randoms from the end of September

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

 Random school finds from September... A really neat Solar System measuring tape for us to use at CC, a C2opoly game (CC Connected download), and The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly, new book for Kenley. We played C2opoly once and it was a bit too much for the girls (and my patience) but it will be a great game for next time we go through this cycle when the girls are older!

Blob mapping with watercolor pencils. I bought a pack of Crayola watercolor pencils on clearance at Target and we love them! They glide so much easier than traditional colored pencils and the color is more vibrant. Sometimes we go over our pictures with water to get the water color effect and sometimes we don't, either way they are great.

CC review Jeopardy

Wet on wet watercolor is the best way to start a day! 

Defeating King Harold of England in 1066...

Kenley made presents for the Carruthers kids for James birthday. She made little pipe cleaner dolls for each of them with sleeping bags. She had a little bit of help from me with the hot glue gun but it was mostly her! I think they turned out super adorable!

Since the 5 grandkids were spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa Ronk's house the day after James 7th birthday we decided to throw him a surprise party. We basically bought everything  Spiderman that the Dollar Tree had to offer. I let the girls (mostly Kenley) take full reign on it and they loved it! Obviously they are my children so the love of birthday parties runs deep!

I love these kids! Have I mentioned how great it is that we live near them again?!


Monday, November 14, 2016

 (Angela and I's faces in the mirror is cracking me up!)

On September 23rd we got haircuts! It was Claire's first haircut and Kenley's second haircut. I LOVED Claire's long flowing hair but it was time for a cut to help it be more manageable. I'm so glad that we could get an appointment to have Angela cut our hair since she is moving to California soon! She did my hair for our wedding and has been cutting my hair for the last 11 years!

B + K 10 years!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

On Friday, September 16th 2016, Brian and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary! I use 'celebrate' in the loosest sense since Brian was super sick all weekend. My awesome cousins gifted us with a weekend up in Birch Bay at their time share!

We had a yummy BBQ dinner at Skagit River Brewery on our way up to Birch Bay! 

Not quite how I thought we would be toasting 10 years together! ;) 

Most of the weekend was spent with Brian napping and me reading Kenley's Waldorf Essentials Grade 1 curriculum. We also watched 2 movies and played Castles of Burgundy, Catan Dice and Pinochle. We are so wild and crazy! ;)

The sun broke through the clouds so we went down to the beach to get some fresh air! 

Happy 10 years Brian!

First Day of CC 9-15-2016

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Our first day of CC was Thursday, September 15th 2016! 

 It was also my first day of being the Director of our new Classical Conversations campus! 

I scheduled us for the first Family Presentation. We presented on our favorite board games and how we like to turn any game into a CC review game. 

Candyland is our favorite way to review! I am going to do a whole blog post on our favorite review games soon!