P Day at PreSchool and Valentines Party!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Today is Q day at preschool so that means I need to finally post about P day! 

Since P day was on the 13th we also celebrated Valentine's day. 

I made these little valentine mailboxes for each kiddo! I used my Silhouette machine to cut vinyl names with the luvable font by fontdiner.com and placed them on these Target dollar spot mail boxes. 

I was the craft mom and I came up with this P is for Pizza on Purple Paper gluing craft!

Of course I used my Silhouette to cut everything! Tan large P for the crust, red thinner P for the sauce,  small red circles for the pepperoni, and yellow crinkle gift basket filler for the cheese. 

After the pizza craft I had the kids decorate their mail boxes with foam heart stickers. 

After they decorated their mail boxes the kiddos exchanged valentines. 

Trying to get a group shot... 

I can't blame them for not looking at me, I would stare at that sweet baby too! 

For the P food, I made heart shaped pizza's with heart shaped pepperoni. I found the little heart shaped cookie cutter at Hobby Lobby in the clay section! 

P is for Pepperoni Pizza, Pineapple, Peppermint Patties, and Pink Cupcakes! 

Recent Kiddo Crafts

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

These things aren't so much crafts but more just fun kid stuff!  

We had some friends {who have 3 kids} over for dinner. I covered our table with paper and set out crayons. It was fun for everyone and I am totally going to do this again next time we have friends with  {or maybe without} kids over for dinner. Everyone had fun drawing silly things together! 

The girls love to have their finger nails and toe nails painted! Regular polish seems to chip off of them so fast. A coat or two of glitter nail polish really helps the "pedicure or manicure" to last! 

 Did you know that foam shapes stick to wet shower walls? This has been a super fun discovery for us! The girls love having a star bath! I also picked up a set of flower foam shapes for .30 cents in the Target dollar spot! Good clean cheap fun! 

Painting is probably Kenley's favorite craft to do, but painting on paper can get boring quickly when we do it the same way all the time. To shake it up, I picked up these little wooden boxes at the Dollar Tree. Both girls really liked painting the boxes. It makes me REALLY want to take Kenley on a date to The Accidental Artist to paint pottery! {I'm super excited that we are planning a trip to NC soon so that will actually be a possibility!!!}

I found this washable glitter paint at Hobby Lobby called Party Bits. Kenley is all pink, glitter, and rainbows, and sparkles so this was right up her alley! 

Sponge painting. She did a few other sponge shapes too. This was a hit! Now I just need to buy or make some more sponge shapes! 

Playdoh. This day was AWESOME! They played with playdoh for like 3 HOURS STRAIGHT! The trick that had them playing for so long? I let them mix the colors together. I usually make them keep the colors separated but then I realized that it wouldn't be that big of a deal for me to just make more playdoh another day and let them have fun creating! They had a blast making rainbow cakes and cupcakes and singing happy birthday to me :) 

Kenley even made a face! 

 Now onto the not so fun "crafts" that occurred this past week... 

Dry erase crayons on the couch... 

Markers all over Mommy's new thank you cards...

Sorry C.Lo, even Cinderella doesn't get away with coloring all over the table... 
{With a bathtub crayon that she swiped from the bathroom nonetheless}

Kenley also covered most of her body with yellow marker... including drawing a beard on herself... Pictures are being saved for black mail later on in her life :) 

So now I have learned that I need to keep the art supplies a little more tucked away and not available 24/7... 

Did you do any fun crafts or silly stuff this week? We are always on the hunt of new ideas! 

3 Exciting Things!

Monday, February 25, 2013

1. This morning, Brian and I met with an adoption lawyer to ask questions and learn more about adoption! The meeting was super helpful and we are excited to get the ball rolling with adoption! 

I tried explaining what we did today to Kenley and then we started talking about if we would possibly get a boy or a girl. At first she said boy, but then she asked me if Brian was a boy. I said yes. Then she asked me if I was a girl. I said yes. She then stated that her and Claire are girls so we need a girl because girls stay with girls and if the baby was a boy then it would leave with Daddy and we wouldn't get to keep him with us and we need a baby to keep with us.  

It was so funny! It never occurred to me that she thinks that the reason that they stay home with me instead of going to school/work with Brian is because they are girls and I am a girl. Haha!

2. After our meeting with the adoption lawyer, Brian went to take his ASTB test. The ASTB test is one of the tests that he needs to pass in order to become a pilot. He passed! He is now one step closer to flying planes... in the sky.... weird! 

3. I am now a recipe contributor on For Chic Sake! For Chic Sake has been one of my favorite blogs for a while now and I am super excited for the opportunity to contribute recipes! Go over to their blog and check out my recipe for White Chocolate Strawberry Granola Bars.  

My Birthentines Day Recap!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

 It's about time that I post about my Birthentines Day! It was such a great day! Brian really outdid himself and made every detail of my birthday and Valentines Day awesome! 

When I woke up there was a Venti Vanilla Spice Latte and a Chocolate Frosted Old-Fashioned Donut on my nightstand. Two of my favorite things and the perfect way to wake up! 

Brian was busy that morning way before we woke up! The night before I had laid out a Valentines table cloth with stickers and some treats in the girls mail boxes, a fun surprise for them to wake up to! Brian took it over the top and had a balloon, heart shaped donut, and a long stemmed rose for each girl! He also had a dozen roses laid out for me! 

Obviously my child. She LOVED that donut and ate most of Kenley's! 

I made strawberry milk heart shaped ice cubes for their milk that morning and picked up some cute paper straws for them to drink it with! 

Lip Pops! They loved these! It's rare for them to get candy so I wasn't surprised that they loved it! They looked so cute with the big lips! 

Rose sword fighting :)

When I pulled back the shower curtain to take a shower, I saw that Brian had drawn hearts and written notes all over the shower walls with the girls bathtub crayons! I LOVED it and had a goofy grin on my face for the rest of the day because of this! 

This made me laugh even more... 

While I was in the shower C.Lo took the liberty to decorate the living room with her rose. :) 

I also caught her running through the house chasing the cat with her "stick" and lip pop in her mouth. 

Silly Girl! 

My Mom, the girls, and I met my Grandma and My Aunt Kim for lunch at PF Changs!

It was so good to catch up with them! 

Riding on Great Grandma Marcy's walker

After lunch my mom took the girls and I to World Market in search of a cake pedestal. I didn't find quite what I was looking for but I did find some cute measuring cups and spoons! I could spend hours looking at everything in that store! 

When we got home Brian was just finishing wrapping my presents! He made me two sizes of wooden glue gun holders from this tutorial, bought me a new glue gun to go with the bigger size, and built me a light box for taking pictures at night! 

Then while I was getting ready I put on a different earring in each ear and asked him which ones he thought looked better since he likes when I wear earrings. He pulled a little blue Saxon's box out of one of his drawers and said "how about you wear these"... YAY!!!! I LOVE them! 

We went to Aqua by El Gaucho on the Seattle waterfront for dinner. My spicy crab bisque was awesome! I definitely want to try recreating it at home! 

He is the best! 

My sister came home from WSU that night and her and I went on a shopping spree the next day while my awesome Mother-in-law watched the girls! I had been saving money for a while now and had a very specific list of the things that I wanted... navy gingham shirt, chambray shirt, wide brown belt, black 3/4 length cardigan, jeans, etc. I'm excited to say that I found everything on my list! It was a great day hanging out with my sister! 

We stopped for Menchies on the way home! I LOVE that marshmallow sauce! 

My friend April is a VERY talented potter and she gave me this beautiful fruit bowl for my birthday! I absolutely love it and I also love that it will remind me of her for years and years to come! 

What an awesome Birthday! God has blessed me so much more than I deserve! I have so many amazing people in my life and SO MUCH to be grateful for! 

26 is going to be awesome! 

Valentines from Kenley and Claire

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

{Vinyl names added with my Silhouette machine}