Recent Kiddo Crafts

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

These things aren't so much crafts but more just fun kid stuff!  

We had some friends {who have 3 kids} over for dinner. I covered our table with paper and set out crayons. It was fun for everyone and I am totally going to do this again next time we have friends with  {or maybe without} kids over for dinner. Everyone had fun drawing silly things together! 

The girls love to have their finger nails and toe nails painted! Regular polish seems to chip off of them so fast. A coat or two of glitter nail polish really helps the "pedicure or manicure" to last! 

 Did you know that foam shapes stick to wet shower walls? This has been a super fun discovery for us! The girls love having a star bath! I also picked up a set of flower foam shapes for .30 cents in the Target dollar spot! Good clean cheap fun! 

Painting is probably Kenley's favorite craft to do, but painting on paper can get boring quickly when we do it the same way all the time. To shake it up, I picked up these little wooden boxes at the Dollar Tree. Both girls really liked painting the boxes. It makes me REALLY want to take Kenley on a date to The Accidental Artist to paint pottery! {I'm super excited that we are planning a trip to NC soon so that will actually be a possibility!!!}

I found this washable glitter paint at Hobby Lobby called Party Bits. Kenley is all pink, glitter, and rainbows, and sparkles so this was right up her alley! 

Sponge painting. She did a few other sponge shapes too. This was a hit! Now I just need to buy or make some more sponge shapes! 

Playdoh. This day was AWESOME! They played with playdoh for like 3 HOURS STRAIGHT! The trick that had them playing for so long? I let them mix the colors together. I usually make them keep the colors separated but then I realized that it wouldn't be that big of a deal for me to just make more playdoh another day and let them have fun creating! They had a blast making rainbow cakes and cupcakes and singing happy birthday to me :) 

Kenley even made a face! 

 Now onto the not so fun "crafts" that occurred this past week... 

Dry erase crayons on the couch... 

Markers all over Mommy's new thank you cards...

Sorry C.Lo, even Cinderella doesn't get away with coloring all over the table... 
{With a bathtub crayon that she swiped from the bathroom nonetheless}

Kenley also covered most of her body with yellow marker... including drawing a beard on herself... Pictures are being saved for black mail later on in her life :) 

So now I have learned that I need to keep the art supplies a little more tucked away and not available 24/7... 

Did you do any fun crafts or silly stuff this week? We are always on the hunt of new ideas! 


Jessica J. said...

Oh my goodness, that couch and table - that is some impressive coloring! :)
Can you tell me where you buy the white craft paper for covering the table? Thanks!

Keri Ronk said...

I used our rolls of paper from ikea that go with the girls easels.

Here's a link:

Jenny said...

Whew that couch picture is going to be a good one to show in a few years too, very colorful! Aiden got a hold of a permanent marker during our home Bible study 2 Fridays ago and used it on our white board for David's school stuff. He was so proud of himself when he showed me and said, "Nook Mommy, I color!" :)Can't wait until you visit by the way!!

Jessica J. said...

Thanks so much for the link for the paper. :)