Crafts of Last Week!

Monday, February 4, 2013

We had so much fun with last Monday's craft! I absolutely loved doing it and I think it is something that I would just do on my own without a kiddo too! We will definitely do this one again soon! My recommendation would be to peel the wrappers off the crayons before starting because the crayons melt down quickly! 

Kenley's finished drawing...

The rainbow we did together...

The melted crayon wax kind of has a stained glass effect when held up to light! We thought that was pretty neat! 

 Tuesday was a free for all with stickers, crayons, and scissors...

I found these scissors at the Dollar Tree and we LOVE them. They have a little clip that pops out so that the scissors will pop back open once they are snipped. Great for teaching little hands how to use scissors! 

Wednesday the girls drew cards to give to their Great-Grandparents for their 60th wedding anniversary! 

They also played around with the ring crayons that I scored for a penny! 

Thursday, Kenley painted with Watercolor Wands that I found at Staples. I wasn't super impressed with the wands because I expected the colors to be more concentrated but after a little while Kenley got the hang of it and really enjoyed painting with them. 

Since I hadn't put the Hama beads upstairs yet I decided to try them out again on Friday. This time I only gave her one plastic grid and one tray with pink beads and worked on the heart with her. Those small beads are still tough for her little fingers but she did really well this time and completed about half of it! 

Our finished heart... 

 We also made Valentines for Grandpa and Grandma Ronk but they are a surprise so I will have to post pictures after Valentines day! 

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