Sprucing Up

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I have been on a big reorganizing and redecorating kick lately! We just finished painting the walls and trim in our bedroom in addition to rearranging everything in the room and purchasing new bedding and night stands. I really like our new bedroom now! One thing always leads to another with me and painting the trim in our bedroom now has me working my way through repainting all of the trim and doors in the house! I'll show pictures of our room another day but today I want to show what we worked on to spruce up the girls room this weekend! 

The girls had this big blank wall above their beds that I didn't really know what to do with.

 (The humidifier was hanging out in their room because I did this project while we were all still under quarantine) 

Originally I intended to hang their pottery monograms like I had hanging in Kenley's nursery but it made me nervous to have such heavy things hanging above their beds. Then I wanted to use this wall as a place to hang all of the girls artwork and projects. This would have been a nice place to store artwork but I think that the cluttered look of it might have been too much for above their beds. My next plan was to order some big vinyl monograms for above their beds on Etsy. 

While I was looking up vinyl monograms, I remembered the monogram printables from For Chic Sake!

I went to Target in search of frames and found these big ones that were exactly what I wanted on clearance for only $11! It was meant to be! 

I thought it would look best if there was something in between the frames. We used this tutorial from Dear Lillie to make a big black and white picture for our room and it turned out great so we made one for the girls room too! 

The girl working at Staples actually thought that the picture didn't look good enough on the engineer print paper so she printed it for me on photo paper! That was so nice of her! The quality really is much better on this picture than the one we did in our room! I'm so thankful that she did that! 

Staples was out of white foam board so I just used this poster board. It worked just as well! 

This picture of the girls has been the wallpaper on my laptop for a while. I just love it. It is from when they first started hugging and playing with each other on their own. 

 Here is what their wall looks like now! 

Total Spruce-Up cost: 
Frames: $11 each = $22
Poster Board and Engineer Print: $9

Total: $31

The room looks so much more finished! Now I just need to get my sewing machine out and make their duvet covers! 

Ordinary Life - Sickness Version

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Super grainy iPhone picture time!! 

I caught the girls snuggled up together while watching The Rescuer's Down Under on Netflix. I love the older Disney movies so much more than the new ones! 

A little while ago, Amy mentioned in a blog post that someone had told her that they take their kids outside to play every day rain or shine to burn off some energy. Being cooped up and not feeling well was driving us all crazy so we bundled the sick girlies up and went outside for a walk around the property.

They randomly found their horseshoes set and insisted on playing... which really means gently placing your horseshoe around the pin and then cheering for yourself. 

I think I might be running low on glitter glue...  

At the doctor Kenley weighed in at a whopping 26.6 pounds...

Claire weighed in at 22.6 pounds... 

After we were home from the doctor they both fell asleep on the ground while watching another movie. 

I have been trying to clean up my eats recently. One of my bad habits is that I like to add crushed tortilla chips to my scrambled eggs. It is delicious but it isn't the healthiest choice. This week I tried a new concoction and it is fabulous! I didn't miss my chips at all! 

4 eggs scrambled with a handful of spinach, then topped with cheese, shredded carrots, and salsa. The carrots totally have that crunch that I love and used to get from the chips! 

 Brian's to-do list...

 I really like the YouVersion app. I'm going through the Soul Detox study with SheReadsTruth. I like to read the passages through once or twice in ESV and then I also like to read it in The Message Version before I read the devotional part... The wording is so vibrant that it really sticks the concepts in my mind! 

This is my tutorial on how to clean you kitchen floor....

Step one: Tell the girls that they should ask Daddy to help them build a fort... 

He used our kitchen table and chairs in addition to our comforter and almost every blanket that we own... 

Step two: Mop your kitchen floor! All the space in the kitchen made me not want him to bring the table and chairs back in! But then there is that pesky problem of where to eat... 

Grandpa brought the girls each a powdered mini donut... I texted this picture to him so that he could see what he did :) Her hands aren't showing in the picture but they were the worst offenders! 

Gymnastics Round #2

 We are still loving gymnastics and we are excited that this will be something that we can continue with for the girls! 

We are all starting to feel better and I am definitely ready for that! This week is the week to get caught back up on everything... It is also my week to wean the girls off of constant movies and snacks!

The Friday Find

Monday, January 28, 2013

While at the thrift store on Friday, I came across this gem:

First of all.... Some one printed and put that picture in a FRAME?!?! 

Second of all.... They didn't think to take the arrest picture out of the frame when they donated it? 

Third of all.... I can't tell if it is a male or female being arrested... ? 

Fourth of all.... Who took this picture?

Fifth of all.... The officer's badge says Marysville.... Awesome. 

Crafts of the Week!

Friday, January 25, 2013

It has been a crazy, boring, cooped-up week! The girls both have nasty colds and ear infections, and now it seems like Brian and I might be coming down with colds too. Despite all of the sicknesses and laying around watching movies, we did manage to get some crafting done this week! 

Paper Plate Lions

Claire's on the left, Kenley's on the right. I helped Claire make the face :) 

Total Fail :)
I had a craft project in mind that needed purple crepe paper, but I only had white so I thought that it would work for Kenley to use purple water color on the white streamer. The water color totally disintegrated the streamer paper so I gave her purple paint to try instead... That didn't work either but at least she had fun painting! 

Glitter Glue and a Circle Sponge

Coloring more iPhone backgrounds. Grammy is getting an iPhone soon so we thought we would make some backgrounds for her. The girls were pretty crabby though so we didn't get any masterpieces this time. We will probably try again (with markers) in the next few days. 



The M Preschool Craft! 

M is for Macaroni and Cheese! 

We were so sad to miss Preschool but at least we got to do the craft! 

I cut M's out with my Silhouette and glued them to the paper and then added glue to the top of the M for the girls to stick the macaroni to. 

Claire insisted on using ALL of the macaroni in the little bowl that I gave her :) 

We actually did this craft in two parts because the girls were getting tired and cranky.

Once they woke up from their naps, I gave them orange paint and asked them to paint only the macaroni and the M. 

Kenley followed the directions a little bit better than Claire :) 

We also did a bit of random painting Wednesday afternoon.

Color Wonder Paint: 

Crayola Washable Paint:

A Rainbow for James

A Rainbow for Nate

No craft because the girls spent the day with my Mom

Hama Beads! 

I loved doing these when I was younger and found this box of our old supplies a few weeks ago! 

Kenley was a little too young for this craft and kept getting distracted and wanting to do a different shape, probably because there was all this Hama bead stuff on the table! Next time I attempt it I will definitely give her fewer options!