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Friday, January 25, 2013

It has been a crazy, boring, cooped-up week! The girls both have nasty colds and ear infections, and now it seems like Brian and I might be coming down with colds too. Despite all of the sicknesses and laying around watching movies, we did manage to get some crafting done this week! 

Paper Plate Lions

Claire's on the left, Kenley's on the right. I helped Claire make the face :) 

Total Fail :)
I had a craft project in mind that needed purple crepe paper, but I only had white so I thought that it would work for Kenley to use purple water color on the white streamer. The water color totally disintegrated the streamer paper so I gave her purple paint to try instead... That didn't work either but at least she had fun painting! 

Glitter Glue and a Circle Sponge

Coloring more iPhone backgrounds. Grammy is getting an iPhone soon so we thought we would make some backgrounds for her. The girls were pretty crabby though so we didn't get any masterpieces this time. We will probably try again (with markers) in the next few days. 



The M Preschool Craft! 

M is for Macaroni and Cheese! 

We were so sad to miss Preschool but at least we got to do the craft! 

I cut M's out with my Silhouette and glued them to the paper and then added glue to the top of the M for the girls to stick the macaroni to. 

Claire insisted on using ALL of the macaroni in the little bowl that I gave her :) 

We actually did this craft in two parts because the girls were getting tired and cranky.

Once they woke up from their naps, I gave them orange paint and asked them to paint only the macaroni and the M. 

Kenley followed the directions a little bit better than Claire :) 

We also did a bit of random painting Wednesday afternoon.

Color Wonder Paint: 

Crayola Washable Paint:

A Rainbow for James

A Rainbow for Nate

No craft because the girls spent the day with my Mom

Hama Beads! 

I loved doing these when I was younger and found this box of our old supplies a few weeks ago! 

Kenley was a little too young for this craft and kept getting distracted and wanting to do a different shape, probably because there was all this Hama bead stuff on the table! Next time I attempt it I will definitely give her fewer options! 

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