My Paleo Mocha

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I used to love Starbucks... now I love this Paleo Mocha more than Starbucks! 

I use a single cup brewer, if you don't have one you can easily alter your steps to get the same results! 

Step 1: Add 1 or 2 pitted dates to your empty coffee cup

Step 2: Make your coffee... 
(I like using flavored coffee! This one was a creme brulee flavored one!) 
The heat from the fresh coffee helps to soften the dates

Step 3: Add Coffee (with dates), 1/2 Tbsp Ghee, 1/2 Tbsp Coconut Oil, Heaping 1/2 Tbsp Cocoa Powder, 2 Tbsp Canned Coconut Milk, and a dash of Cinnamon to your Vitamix.

Step 4: Blend until frothy. I have tried doing this in a regular blender but I didn't get the same smooth results as I do with my Vitamix. 


The Girls Room

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Before packing up the girls room a few Monday's ago, I had to take some pictures! I really like their room. It is small but I think it is just so cute and functional! 

The color on the walls is Sherwin Williams Woodlawn Blue (color matched at Home Depot). It is the same color that we had painted Kenley's nursery in North Carolina. It is a great light blue! 

(Their door is the only one we never got around to painting)

Washi banners made by Kenley :)

Claire's side of the room...

Kenley's side of the room...

(The ribbon things used to hold hair bows and sunglasses but those got packed up before I took the pictures) 

I printed pictures off a few months ago and Kenley decided to tape the extras up on the wall all on her own. When I found them, I thought it was so adorable so they have stayed up :)

Their Grandpa's and Daddy made their beds! Loosely based off of these plans from Design Mom.

Their closet...

I love this little room but I sure am excited for the big plans we have for their new room in NC!! 

My Birthentines Day!!

Monday, March 3, 2014

On Valentine's Day I turned 27! The actual day of my birthday was crazy busy. We went to lunch with my mom @ The Maltby Cafe. The worst part of my Valentine's birthday is going to restaurants. The wait to be seated is always super long and so is the wait to get our food. Somehow I didn't end up with any pictures from our meal but the portions were huge and the food was super yummy! 

The rest of the day was filled with moving ourselves back into our house. We had been house sitting for almost the last 3 weeks... it didn't seem like we packed that much when we moved in but we sure did accumulate a ton of stuff while we were there. So really we packed and cleaned most of the day. 

Brian ordered me these latte mixing bowls from Anthropologie! I love them! They go so well with all of my other latte bowls! And then because I am basically 7 and like kid crafts I forced Brian to take me to Target so he could buy me the Crayola Marker Maker! 

 (Kenley and I have already made 1 set of markers and I have to say it was so fun! I highly recommend it as a birthday gift for kids! I had to help Kenley a lot so it is probably best for older kids though!)

Barbara and Amanda took me out for a SUPER fun amazing birthday girls day the next day! First stop was at University Village to do some shopping at Anthropologie! 

Then they took me to Salty's for brunch! I am not lying when I say this was the best meal of my life! It was so amazing! They have coffee, hot chocolate, and warm scones in the lobby while you wait for your table! 

Round 1- Hot Fresh Donuts.... The way to my heart is through donuts! As the hostess takes you to your table she grabs a plate of fresh donuts and brings them to the table with you. Best thing ever!!!! They were so delicious! 

Round 2- Crab legs, Caesar Salad, Macaroni and Cheese, Pizza, Salmon, and Bacon.
Plus lots of bites from Amanda and Barbara's plates! (the eggs benedict was especially amazing!)

Round 3- Strawberry and Chocolate Chip Crepe from the Crepe Bar topped with whip cream and more of their amazing macaroni and cheese. 

Round 4- Dessert! Yeah, I definitely did not eat all of that! 

Round 5- Pasta from the fresh pasta bar for all of us to share and more crab! 

After that we stopped by Dick's restaurant supply because we drove past it and I have always wanted to go to a restaurant supply store! So we stopped! It was great and I came away from it with a new meat tenderizer! Haha! It really is the little things that make me happy! 

Then we headed to Seattle Second Use Salvage. Brian and I had been there a few years ago and it was really cool but they have changed it a lot and its more like a Habitat for Humanity Resale Store now. 

Apparently we were supposed to make silly faces... I didn't get the memo and just barely closed my eyes instead...... I look just like my mother :) 

Then we headed to a weird antique place.... way too much creepy weird. But I did take a picture with a Happy Birthday Crown! 

This sign! Hilarious! I loved it! If I had $385 and a place to put it this baby would have been mine... Maybe it would make a great headboard for our bedroom? Hahahahahaha!

(In case you are wondering, my eggs aren't really infertile but everything around them is so they may as well be) :)  

After all that we headed (in the rain) to the Seattle Ferris Wheel! It was so very fun to see the city from up high! 

My friends are AMAZING! They seriously spoiled me and it was the most fun day that I have had in so long! Thank you friends! You are seriously the best and I love you both so much!!! 

When I got home Brian and the girls had a little surprise for me too! The house was clean! Which is a huge deal the day after house sitting and they had decorated the house with balloons and crepe paper and even made me cake! 

The girls picked out a new family game for me :)

They even made me Chocolate Sheet Cake with Burnt Peanut Butter Icing from scratch!  

What and amazing birthday celebration! I am truly truly blessed!! 

And P.S. looking at all these Salty's pictures really makes me wish we could squeeze another trip in before we move!!