The Girls Room

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Before packing up the girls room a few Monday's ago, I had to take some pictures! I really like their room. It is small but I think it is just so cute and functional! 

The color on the walls is Sherwin Williams Woodlawn Blue (color matched at Home Depot). It is the same color that we had painted Kenley's nursery in North Carolina. It is a great light blue! 

(Their door is the only one we never got around to painting)

Washi banners made by Kenley :)

Claire's side of the room...

Kenley's side of the room...

(The ribbon things used to hold hair bows and sunglasses but those got packed up before I took the pictures) 

I printed pictures off a few months ago and Kenley decided to tape the extras up on the wall all on her own. When I found them, I thought it was so adorable so they have stayed up :)

Their Grandpa's and Daddy made their beds! Loosely based off of these plans from Design Mom.

Their closet...

I love this little room but I sure am excited for the big plans we have for their new room in NC!! 

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Carol Blanchet said...

I love it when it's cute AND functional. You did a great job with their room.
I was wondering where your next destination would be.
Hope the move goes smoothly for you all. So glad you have the blog so I can follow your adventures.