About Us

Welcome to SchoolhouseRonk! 

Brian and I met in 6th grade! I love that we were high school sweethearts who have made it! Now days that is pretty uncommon! We were married on September 16th 2006. Right after we got married we moved from our home state of Washington to North Carolina. While in North Carolina I started this blog as a way to share what we were up to with our friends and family in Washington. We welcomed Kenley June on July 30th 2009 and Claire Louise on December 20th 2010. Both of the girl's deliveries and Claire's pregnancy were pretty traumatic which has left us with no longer being able to have more biological children. We hope to add to our family through adoption and would love your prayers for that! God has blessed our lives so much! Our hope is that through reading this blog you see that none of what we have is because of us, it is all because God has blessed us more than we deserve! 

Email us at SchoolhouseRonk@gmail.com 

These are our latest family pictures. Taken November 2015 by Tara Sos Photography.