Dear Blog Readers...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Im sorry. I stink. I have not updated in forever! And to be honest I probably wont again until we get home :)

But we made it safe to Washington! It was a long flight and I caught a nasty cold from the plane ride so we have not done much of anything while we have been here. Mostly I have sat on the couch with a blanket and tissues and watched Brian play Wii.... Fun I know!

Hopefully my cold will go away soon though so we can see all of our friends! (I dont want to pass this cold on.. its not fun at all!)

The snow is gorgeous. There is tons of it! I will post tons of pictures when we get home!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

Ornament Exchange!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here is the ornament I painted for the ornament exchange I was in! I received a really cute red felt cardinal ornament and a recaimed metal cross. I like them both very much. The cross is hanging from my hanging plant and the cardinal is hanging in the window over my sink since we aren't doing a tree at our house this year :( We decided not to since we are leaving so early in the month for Washington!

Its hard to take pictures of round objects!!

Look what we got for free today...

A trampoline!!! Here is Brian demonstrating it!

Pictures from our Christmas Cantata

Here are some pictures from the Cantata last night! Tonight is the last night!

It has been a really draining past week. Everyday but Tuesday, I went to work in the morning and then got off of work and then went straight to church for either practice or awana and didnt get home until late. And even Tuesday on my day off I went to church that night for the Christmas party. So yeah I am drained! I am so ready for our trip to Washington next week! It will be a very much needed break!

Well today is going to be my lazy day!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I had a really bad headache last night so I decided that today would be my lazy day where I could just rest and hang around the house.

Later I am going to go to our ladies Christmas party! That will be fun!

I got my secret sister these earrings from Kara Annis Jewelry. She makes some really gorgeous stuff! Go check out her website its:

And while you are surfing the web you should go check out my brother-in-law John's new website for his new company! His website is
I realize most people reading my blog may not be all about jeeps but I just wanted to mention it anyway!

I tried making covered matchboxes like Kim had done on her blog but I think hers turned out better. I only made one because I think I need to get my paper cutter out to make them better but here it is..

So I didnt make yogurt.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Because the recipe says not to use ultra-pasteurized milk and I accidentally bought that. I don't know how it would effect the recipe, but with all the stomach bugs going around here I certainly do not want to give myself food poisoning.

So instead I tried to make Frito candy. That recipe also came from I didn't really follow her recipe exactly and I probably should have mine turned out bad. It was really greasy and never came together so it was a total flop. I may try again following her recipe exactly though.

I did make some blackberry jam today though! I had to buy plain yogurt to have as my starter to make yogurt and so in an effort not to waste it I thought I would make something to mix into it so that it is good! All I did was take a washed 4 oz pkg of blackberries and 2 tbsp. of sugar in a sauce pan and brought that to a boil. Then I poured it into a glass container with a lid and put it in the refrigerator. I probably could have made a big batch and canned it but blackberries aren't in season so that would be expensive! I also bought some blueberries to make some blueberry jam and I will probably do that tomorrow.

If you are looking for a great dinner idea that is really awesome and not that hard to make head on over to and try her lasagna. Brian seriously loves it. This one is definitely a man pleaser!! It goes great with the bread sticks recipe I posted a little while ago!! See now you have one less meal to plan!!

Here's a link to the recipe:

And I actually think that the meat mixture makes enough for two lasagnas so I made two and froze one. Just double everything except for the meat sauce mixture.

Final word on MECEP

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Well we found out today that Brian did not get MECEP. We are a little bummed that we wont get to move back to Washington but we have total peace about it. We know that everything is in God's perfect time and this just means that He has something bigger and better for our lives. I think our parents are probably more bummed about this than we are, I have learned not to really trust what the Marine Corps says, so I really didn't have my hopes up to begin with. Which is good. Brian is at peace with it too and does plan to try for it again next year. So thats the word we will be staying in NC for a little while longer. Which is nice too because we wont have to worry about selling our house in this "recession" and we can do some more work on it so that when it is time to sell it will be the best house in our neighborhood. So all in all God is good, His ways are good, and He deserves our praise through every event that takes place in our lives!

Guess what I am making Friday...

Monday, December 1, 2008



I read about it on this blog:

Yes, I am really excited

Yes, It will be organic

Yes, I will post the results!!