So I didnt make yogurt.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Because the recipe says not to use ultra-pasteurized milk and I accidentally bought that. I don't know how it would effect the recipe, but with all the stomach bugs going around here I certainly do not want to give myself food poisoning.

So instead I tried to make Frito candy. That recipe also came from I didn't really follow her recipe exactly and I probably should have mine turned out bad. It was really greasy and never came together so it was a total flop. I may try again following her recipe exactly though.

I did make some blackberry jam today though! I had to buy plain yogurt to have as my starter to make yogurt and so in an effort not to waste it I thought I would make something to mix into it so that it is good! All I did was take a washed 4 oz pkg of blackberries and 2 tbsp. of sugar in a sauce pan and brought that to a boil. Then I poured it into a glass container with a lid and put it in the refrigerator. I probably could have made a big batch and canned it but blackberries aren't in season so that would be expensive! I also bought some blueberries to make some blueberry jam and I will probably do that tomorrow.

If you are looking for a great dinner idea that is really awesome and not that hard to make head on over to and try her lasagna. Brian seriously loves it. This one is definitely a man pleaser!! It goes great with the bread sticks recipe I posted a little while ago!! See now you have one less meal to plan!!

Here's a link to the recipe:

And I actually think that the meat mixture makes enough for two lasagnas so I made two and froze one. Just double everything except for the meat sauce mixture.


Unknown said...

so my new favorite thing right now is plain, organic, greek yoghurt with honey mixed in it and cereal in it too (like special K or something like that) MMM! SO good! I am sure you could use your plain yoghurt that you bought and it would be a similar thing... you should try it.. so yummy! :) Thanks for the post! Its so fun to read all your ideas :)

Keri Ronk said...

I love greek yogurt too! I was planning on straining the yogurt I would make to make it greek yogurt! I made my own maple flax granola the other day and it goes really well in it too!