Well today is going to be my lazy day!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I had a really bad headache last night so I decided that today would be my lazy day where I could just rest and hang around the house.

Later I am going to go to our ladies Christmas party! That will be fun!

I got my secret sister these earrings from Kara Annis Jewelry. She makes some really gorgeous stuff! Go check out her website its: karaannis.com

And while you are surfing the web you should go check out my brother-in-law John's new website for his new company! His website is benchmark-designs.com
I realize most people reading my blog may not be all about jeeps but I just wanted to mention it anyway!

I tried making covered matchboxes like Kim had done on her blog but I think hers turned out better. I only made one because I think I need to get my paper cutter out to make them better but here it is..


Unknown said...

Keri, I LOVE your matches! :) so fun! They turned out super cute! :) Can't wait to see you! YEAH!

Sandy said...

Good to see you lat night! I forgot to ask how the jam came out?