Final word on MECEP

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Well we found out today that Brian did not get MECEP. We are a little bummed that we wont get to move back to Washington but we have total peace about it. We know that everything is in God's perfect time and this just means that He has something bigger and better for our lives. I think our parents are probably more bummed about this than we are, I have learned not to really trust what the Marine Corps says, so I really didn't have my hopes up to begin with. Which is good. Brian is at peace with it too and does plan to try for it again next year. So thats the word we will be staying in NC for a little while longer. Which is nice too because we wont have to worry about selling our house in this "recession" and we can do some more work on it so that when it is time to sell it will be the best house in our neighborhood. So all in all God is good, His ways are good, and He deserves our praise through every event that takes place in our lives!


Maryn said...

I am sorry to hear that you all did not make it this time...key words, this time. I know you all love the west coast. We are happy you are thankful and praising the Lord anyways. The Lord is gracious and never-changing, despite our circumstances.

Praise the Lord!

bean said...

Well, I'm sad for me. :( But very encouraged by your good, God-dependent attitude - kinda convicting. I love you!

Keri Ronk said...

I love you too Mo! I cant wait to see you and your family and new baby Hallie!!!