The (Beginning of the) Week of Costumes!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The girls are very excited to get dressed up for Halloween this year! We saw these costumes at Marshalls and after a few trips of them asking for them every time we were there I caved and bought them! 

Sunday after church we headed to the Zoo with Amanda and Liam! Of course as we pulled up the battery of my big camera died :( Yay for iPhones! 

She could/would stare at the giraffes ALL DAY long! 

Hey its an elephant in front of an elephant! 

and a lady bug in front of a lady bug! 

Two extra bugs in Bug World! 

Monday was costume gymnastics! 

It was sunny after gymnastics which made it a great day to paint our pumpkins! The big two are from our garden and the little two are from our preschool field trip!

Claire accidentally painted Elvis :) 

Oreo Coffee Pie

Head over to For Chic Sake for my Oreo Coffee Pie recipe! 

Life Lately

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The cousins came over for a sleepover! 

I spent the night protecting this sweet baby from....

Cousins in her face constantly... Sorry Bethy! 

Missing toys and/or game pieces drive me absolutely crazy. I offered a 10 minute back massage to Brian as a reward if he found it. Half an hour later still no domino so I offered a 20 minute back massage.... 2 minutes later domino. :) The moral of this story is that if something is missing offer a long back massage as a reward and it will be found! 

I cleaned out the Jeep.... It's this bad again already.... I am a car hoarder. 

She wanted to remind me that she is 2.... and then she took another nap :) 

They have Hunter boots at Costco!!! 

We were over while my Mom was unpacking her Halloween decorations... Obviously it was a great time to dress the dogs up! 

Princess Moxie...

Bunny Tyson... Doesn't he look thrilled? 

Spazzy Sadie as... a Witch? She wouldn't hold still at all and freaked out a ton... the usual :) 

Super girl Kenley... 

Butterfly CLo...

 I made these pumpkin donuts for D day! Super yummy! 

She LOVES him :). Amanda and I are dressing them as a couple for the Harvest Party! It is going to be adorable! 

I bought cute sparkly shoes for the Ball... Too bad my dress will cover them! 

Family pictures at Jennings Park. I remember playing on this same train during a 3rd grade class field trip.... I also remember my lunch that day was a velvetta, taco bell sauce, and refried bean sandwich... For Reals! I created and loved that sandwich.... EW! 

Elephant Kenley! 

We swapped their head attire and then they went for a drive. :) 

Happy Tuesday! 

Meal Plan Monday

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Monday! 

It will be a busy week so there isn't too much to plan! Most of these meals are mainly from the freezer! 

Tuesday- Sriracha Salmon
Wednesday- Savory Chicken with Roast Green Beans
Thursday- Out
Friday- Out

Last week's Greek Meatballs were just okay for me, but Brian really liked them. The Pulled Pork was a huge hit! We all loved it and I will definitely make it again and again! I didn't get a chance to make the Sriracha Salmon or the Meatloaf so those will get rolled over to the coming week and weeks! 

Remember when we used to do crafts?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kenley and I used to do crafts almost every day. Hosting Craftivity Camp this summer was great, but it also meant that I didn't get to do as many crafts with my kids. 

We are still trying to find our new rhythm for doing home school, gymnastics, preschool, going to the gym, seeing friends, and just having a life! Combine all that with keeping up with dishes and laundry and our days are full! Lately dishes have taken precedence over crafts... but I want that to change! It's time to bring back the crafts! 

In an effort to be a "fun" Mom again, we did the baking soda and colored vinegar activity! The girls loved it! Claire enjoyed it the most. She could have sat there all day. She used up all of her vinegar and then finished Kenley's too! 

P.S... has anyone figured out the perfect ratio to make purple from red and blue food coloring? Why is that always so tricky!

Meal Plan Monday

Monday, October 21, 2013

Somehow I got out of the habit of posting my weekly meal plan.... 
(Actually I got out of the habit of posting anything but that is beside the point!) 

I want to get back to it though! 
Here are this weeks eats...

Tuesday: Greek Meatballs w/ Green Beans
Wednesday: Pulled Pork w/ Sweet Potato Rounds
Thursday: Sriracha Salmon w/ Sauteed Carrots
Friday: Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, and Peas

I am trying to cut back on the grains that we consume so this week of meals are more meat based that I usually do. The Greek Meatballs and Pulled Pork are both new to me recipes! When I post next week's meal plan I will let you know how we liked them! 

Honey Lime Melon Trio

Friday, October 18, 2013

Inspired by our cruise to Alaska, my latest recipe is up at For Chic Sake!  

Pumpkin Patch Round #2!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yesterday the girls and I headed to The Farm at Swan's Trail with Amanda and Liam. Last year our Preschool group came to the Farm on a rainy day and the kids were cold and miserable so I came away from it thinking this pumpkin patch wasn't that great. I was SO WRONG! This place was so much fun! The girls loved every second of it and I had to pry them away from there! When we got home Kenley asked Grammy to take her back! 

The corn bin...

Daddy, we think next year the play set needs horse swings! 

Auntie Becca was so fun! She showed the girls all around the Farm. They think it is amazing that she gets to come work here every day! 

Sister love...

The duck races... We watched 3 different duck races that day! 

Who would have thought water pumps could entertain children for so long?!?

More sister love! When I see them spontaneously do this stuff it makes my heart burst! 

Liam love... Claire says that she is going to marry him :) 

Ice Cream while we watched the Pig show! 

Cow train rides...

 Seriously! These girls are so much fun! 

 Our October has been pretty awesome!