The (Beginning of the) Week of Costumes!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The girls are very excited to get dressed up for Halloween this year! We saw these costumes at Marshalls and after a few trips of them asking for them every time we were there I caved and bought them! 

Sunday after church we headed to the Zoo with Amanda and Liam! Of course as we pulled up the battery of my big camera died :( Yay for iPhones! 

She could/would stare at the giraffes ALL DAY long! 

Hey its an elephant in front of an elephant! 

and a lady bug in front of a lady bug! 

Two extra bugs in Bug World! 

Monday was costume gymnastics! 

It was sunny after gymnastics which made it a great day to paint our pumpkins! The big two are from our garden and the little two are from our preschool field trip!

Claire accidentally painted Elvis :) 

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