Pumpkin Patch Round #2!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yesterday the girls and I headed to The Farm at Swan's Trail with Amanda and Liam. Last year our Preschool group came to the Farm on a rainy day and the kids were cold and miserable so I came away from it thinking this pumpkin patch wasn't that great. I was SO WRONG! This place was so much fun! The girls loved every second of it and I had to pry them away from there! When we got home Kenley asked Grammy to take her back! 

The corn bin...

Daddy, we think next year the play set needs horse swings! 

Auntie Becca was so fun! She showed the girls all around the Farm. They think it is amazing that she gets to come work here every day! 

Sister love...

The duck races... We watched 3 different duck races that day! 

Who would have thought water pumps could entertain children for so long?!?

More sister love! When I see them spontaneously do this stuff it makes my heart burst! 

Liam love... Claire says that she is going to marry him :) 

Ice Cream while we watched the Pig show! 

Cow train rides...

 Seriously! These girls are so much fun! 

 Our October has been pretty awesome! 

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