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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Greetings! This is your neighborly blogger's husband proxy-blogging for Keri.

Most of you reading this might have already seen Keri's FB post about what's going on, but I'll do my best to fill in some details and give you some history.

It all started about a month ago when Keri was having some terrible side and back aches. I went to go play MNB (Monday Night Basketball) at GBC. After toughing it out for a few hours she called me and said that she wanted to go to the hospital because something wasn't right. This was approximately 10 or so at night. So I take her to the hospital, still in my basketball shorts and t-shirt, it's FREEZING and I smell like...well, really really bad. After a full night in the hospital with a fairly rude nurse that seemed like she didn't believe Keri was in pain, the answer for the problem was "oooh....hmm....gee.... here's some percocet." After the drugs, Keri felt fine, and we went home, thinking it was some fluke.

The second round came about two weeks ago when the same thing happened, this time adding a great amount of throwing up. Again, Keri, being the rock hard awesome woman that she is, tried to tough it out, but alas, we ended up back in the hospital. This time we got a nurse who was much kinder when she said "oooh....hmm....gee.... here's some percocet." The doctor said it was possible that it was Kidney Reflux (There's a medical name for it, but I can't remember it), which is basically the tube coming out of the Kidney getting pinched so that urine flows back into the Kidney. Really nothing you could do about it except lay on the opposite side that it hurts. After some percocet, Keri felt better, and we went home.

It happened to her again I'm guessing about a week ago, but knowing the hospital couldn't really do anything about it, opted to stay home and continue toughing it out, which she did and it eventually went away.

...And that takes us to our current bout...

Tuesday night it started again and it was really bad. She had a difficult time even moving because it hurt so bad and was throwing up a lot. We went to bed hoping that it would subside. Me, being the selfish husband that I am, fell right to sleep as I always do. About 3:30 in the morning I wake up to the sound of my beautiful bride throwing up and crying from the pain. She is wonderful to me and wanted me to go back to sleep because I had finals the next day. About 5:30 in the morning she woke me up saying that she wanted to go to the hospital and just couldn't take it, so off we went. It seemed as if they might actually try to find what was going on. Doctors were in a lot more instead of nurses. They were great to us and ran a bunch tests and got an ultrasound to try to find exactly what it could be. The problem with that is that they wouldn't allow Keri to take any pain medicine because it would throw off their assessment with her. Keri wasn't very pleased. Long story short, it ended up with another "oooh...hmmm...gee... here's some percocet." (This isn't even a military hospital). Keri started to feel better but could still feel the pain and could hardly move.

We got home about 3:00pm and she still couldn't move and starting throwing up more and more. After some more medicine, she went to bed and I followed shortly after. About 12:30 this morning, I get woken up to the sound of her throwing up and she said she had to go back to the hospital because "I can't live like this." She was willing to let her mom take her because I had my final make-up that day. I do my selfish thing and sleep. I figured it would be the same thing as every time before.

About 7:10 this morning, my father-in-law comes into our house and wakes me up (My alarm was set for 7:15. I hate that!) because I need to get to the hospital. I look at my phone and there were no calls or texts. I walk out of the bedroom (I'm pretty sure it was a bomb shelter or something because it gets no service) and my phone starts lighting up from a bunch of texts Keri's mom sent me. Great. So I take off for the hospital.

Apparently, Keri has another Illyis, which is the exact same thing that happened a week after Kenley was born. If you want that story, visit August 2009's blogs. I guess the doctor that left about an hour ago was prepared to do a C-section right then, but the on-coming doctor wants to wait 24-36 hours. Keri is finally sleeping, which she literally hasn't done in two days. The doctors said they would hold off on the NG tube (nose hose) if the throwing up goes away.

Please keep her and unborn (possibly soon born) baby Claire in your prayers. I'll try to keep this as updated as possible. We serve a great God who already knows exactly what is going to happen.


Bekah said...

Brian, thanks so much for sharing! The Wentlings are definitely praying for everyone involved.

Jolie said...

The Halls are praying for you guys as well. I believe you will be at Providence which is close to our house. If you all need anything do not hesitate to ask. Love and prayers to you all.

Maryn said...

Praying for y'all!

Melissa said...

Thanks for keeping us updated Brian. I am praying for all of you. The last time I saw Keri she was in the hospital, and I know she hated being there.

4 Wolfs said...

we are praying for you all! love u! stay strong! Keri is such a trooper! all of u are! much love and many prayers going ur way!

CLR said...

We are praying for sweet Keri and Claire and for the strong one in all of this, Brian. Do take care Ronks!