A Keri Post

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Keri here. Percocet posting :)

I had a really good day yesterday pain wise which I think caused me to over do it quite a bit, but who doesn't on Christmas? :)

My doctor came in this morning and said that I could go home today. But I asked to go home tomorrow instead. You may think that I am crazy for not wanting to go home right away, but I am so sore today and I am pretty torn about leaving Claire, and then there is the whole bowel thing....So I think I need today as a resting/processing everything day.

I just caught up and read through the blog posts yesterday. I have little to no memory of the time we were here before Claire came. I also had no idea that I was on a ventilator. The fact that a machine was breathing for me is a really weird thought. It makes me thankful for salvation. I feel so bad for Brian having to see me like that, I am sure he was terrified. I can not imagine seeing him like that, even the thought of that makes me want to cry.

I am so thankful for the grace that God has given us. He has been healing me so quickly and I can see His hand through this whole process. I am also so thankful for God's protective hand on our sweet baby girl. 5 weeks early could have carried many more complications for her but thankfully she is doing so well!

My husband has been amazing. I have definitely put him through the wringer and he hasn't complained one bit. He has been such a champ sleeping on that uncomfortable hospital couch for almost two weeks.

My surgical PA asked if Brian had an older brother :). She said that she noticed how amazing he was with taking care of me and that she was impressed by that and wants to find someone like that. I am so glad that he is my someone :)


Kimberly Hiegel said...

Tell me about it! His love for you never ceases to move me; just watching you two! But I was thinking, since you found such a good one, maybe you can find one for me! haha
So glad you are doing better and I think you staying another day is a good idea!
Love you(:

Kelly said...

While I have loved Brians post to be able to keep up on your progress, it I'd nice to see you back. Percocet and all! And I agree, you have an amazing, Godly leader for a husband. His faith and his love for you were so evident in his posts!

Steph said...

Keri, while it was nice hearing from Brian, I am so grateful that you felt well enough to post! You, Brian, Claire and Kenley have been in my prayers! I am so grateful and thankful that you are on the mend! The Lord is so overwhelming with His love!

Shirley said...

So glad you have progressed so well and the baby, too. Hope you are home by now & getting adjusted. Don't overdo it. Brian is a wonderful young man. Let him baby you. You would do the same for him. And glad that you have your family close by. I know that will be a big help.