Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm a little bit behind, but the good news keeps on getting better. At
about 2:45 I was at the Pacific campus showing off Claire to my
parents (who flew back early from Pheonix), my sister, the Higgins'
and Dave Light who stopped by to visit. Around that time, I get a text
from Keri's mom saying they're moving her back over to the Pacific
campus. So I head back and apparantly the doctor said she was in great
shape and had no more risks of oxygen failure/loss. Keri looked great
(comparatively speaking, I think I overheard Dave Light saying he
thought she looked to be in really bad shape) and was very alert and
could finally eat ice chips. Shortly after that, they had her back in
the ambulance taking her back to the Pacific campus. On the way up to
her room, the medics transporting her were nice enough to take her to
the 2nd floor first to have the first mother/daughter meeting. They
were having a battle of the number of tubes and wires attached to a
single person at one time. I think Keri won, but Claire was a close
second. Now Keri is back in her own room sleeping and Claire is doing
great down in the NICU.

I used this opportunity to run home to take a shower and take a short
nap before starting to study for the final I have to take tomorrow.

I know a lot of people are wondering about visits. She's feeling
rather good so I'm sure she wouldn't mind visitors at all and probably
be happy to see some other faces besides mine.


Christy said...

So glad things are looking better! Praise the Lord! Now if only we could be the ones who get to come visit!

Annie said...

I am so glad they are doing so much better! Thank you for the update.

Melissa said...

Good to hear she is doing better. I can't believe you are taking finals through all of this!