July Goals Recap

Monday, August 1, 2011

July was quite the month! We had it jam packed with our Chelan trips and enjoying summer business! I didn't do super well with my goals but I have definitely been enjoying summer and that's what counts right? August's goals are going to be a bit on the light side because of our trip to North Carolina!

- Read the book of Philippians everyday Success!
- Walks 2x per week The weather really impacted this goal.. I did start doing The Shred again though!
- Go to Children's Museum 2x We only went 1x
- Keep making the bed There were 2 days where I slacked off
- Throw an awesome 2nd birthday party for Kenley Success!
- Go on a date with the Hubs Dates only really count if the kiddos don't come!
- Read a book
- Save Money! I don't know what I was thinking putting this goal on the list with the throw an awesome party goal :)
- Make more meals! I got stuck in a taco salad, egg burrito, and chococado rut!

August Goals

- Read Ephesians everyday
- Keep Making the Bed
- Order Prints for Living Room Photo Wall
- Go to Children's Museum Once
- Make Hairbows for The Ethiopia Project
- Go to North Carolina!
- Love on Baby Job Lugg!
- Eat at Baker's Square!
- Soak in as much time with our NC Friends as possible!


Kelly said...

ok, my big August goal is to do the Shred. Day 1 & 2 epic fail =(
Another big goal is to see you and meet those sweet girls! Still working out the details for that one =)
And what is this Ethiopia project? Am I missing something here?

Lauren said...

Just for the record ... I will defiantly help you on those last two goals :)))

bean said...

stop! i'm so jealous, are you really going to nc? :( i want to go!

kim said...

When are you coming?!?!??!?!?!? I am so excited! I thought it wasn't going to work out. You can come and stay as long as you want! We have the room now :) I can't wait! So excited!

Jenny said...

I agree with Lauren. I will help too!!:)

Melissa said...

Eat some Baker's Square for me too!