Kenley turned 2!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kenley June turned 2 years old yesterday! Last year she had a crayon themed birthday party and this year she had an ice cream themed party! I had so much fun with the decorations! I made some tissue pom pom ice cream cones and Grammy bought Kenley a soft serve ice cream machine! It was the perfect addition to the party!

I think that Kenley consumed more sugar yesterday than she has in her whole 2 years of life!

She missed out on a nap due to the party but she was a really good trooper for most of the evening while my side of the family stayed for dinner!

My mom got us a pole to measure the kiddos on! She called it a festivus pole? I guess its from Seinfeld or something... anyway.. it will be perfect because we can take it with us from house to house measuring our kiddos!

Happy Birthday Kenley June! I can not believe that it was 2 years ago that you made me a mother! I could not ask for a sweeter little girl! It is a joy to be your Mommy!

Mommy, Daddy, and Issy love you so much!

749 pictures were taken with my camera yesterday... It was so hard to narrow it down! Someone needs to take away my continuous function!

1 comment:

KMom said...

It was a great party!
And when you were born I would say, 'just think someday I will be a Mom of a kindergartener'. Wow, and now I am a Gramma of 2!
You did a great job and I think she ate enough sugar to last her the next 2 years too :) XO