Goodbye Heep!

Friday, July 1, 2011

We said goodbye to Brian's beloved Heep (Jeep) today.
I was actually pretty sad about saying goodbye to the Heep! We had so many good memories in that thing!
I fell in love with a boy who drove a big black Jeep. One of my favorite dating memories was one night after a date when he drove me home and we kissed in the car before I got out.... Only while we were kissing goodbye we realized that he was still in drive and we were moving forward and we almost ran into my parents bedroom! It was hilarious!
The Heep was full of "quirks" but Brian loved it! I always joked that it was Brian's firstborn child and that we would never get rid of it. I used to love being able to hear the Heep coming from miles away into our neighborhood when Brian was heading home from work @ Cherry Point! We will miss that Heep but we are grown-ups now and it is time to move on. Though we aren't moving too far on since we are staying in the Jeep family. Brian was able to trade the Heep straight across for a 94' Grand Cherokee that runs and can tow the boat!

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