2 months old!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We have made it two whole months!! I think I have finally gotten into the swing of motherhood and am really loving it. Kenley has gotten herself into a really good schedule. Right now her eating times are *7-8ish*10ish*12:30ish*2:30ish*5:30-6ish*10-11ish (if I wake her up)*4ish*

Today I have been reminded of what a blessing God bestowed upon us by giving us a calm baby.

This morning Kenley had her 2 month doctors visit.
[The 2 month one is the one with all the nasty shots.]

On the way to the clinic Kenley spit up all over. Seriously her entire outfit pants and all and the car seat were totally soaked.

Then we get there and as the corpsman was listening to her lungs she spit up all over him and the stethoscope. Poor guy. He had me strip her down to her diaper which was good because she was still soaking wet from the spit up incident. He weighed her and took her measurements. 10 lbs 3.7 ounces almost 22 inches long and her head circ. is 39 centimeters.

The doctor had to see us in a different room so as I am carrying her to the next room she spits up all over me. [Note to self: In addition to a change of clothes for Kenley also pack one for Mommy]

Doctor said everything is good. We have to go to the doctors on base now rather than going out in town and I was a bit nervous about the quality of doctor but I really liked this guy. He took the time to answer all of my 57 questions so that was good! {it was really only 6} :)

Then we get sent down to immunizations to get her vaccines. I DO NOT do well with shots. Its a fact that I have proven many times during the pregnancy and delivery. But I decided that I was going to be really brave and get my flu shot when she was getting her shots so she wouldn't be alone. So he gives me my flu shot and I am super brave, then he gives Kenley her shots. She screams but she calmed down pretty quickly after ward. This is when it got fuzzy. I started to feel really nauseous and lightheaded and I felt like all the sound coming into my ears was muffled. I asked the corpsman if nausea was normal with the flu shot since I had never had one. His response is "Mam you look very pale I need to have you lie down right now." Kenley was on the table and he whisks her off of it and places me on there (I pass out for a few seconds) then he has someone come and watch me while he gets me water. Then I had to be observed for 10 minutes. I am just thankful that I didn't pass out while I was holding Kenley.

Hospitals + Keri = Bad
I cant even handle the flu shot. lol.

Kenley is now feeling the effects of the vaccines she totally refused to eat at the 2:30 feeding and finally ate around 6 which was freaking me out a bit. Especially because she basically screamed that entire time. She is now sleeping peacefully.

Thank you LORD for blessing us with a normally calm baby.

Pictures with Grandpa Tim

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

We took all these pictures right before Dad headed back up to Erie. Thanks for coming Dad! We love you!

Busy Week!

Bo and Tiffany were in town. They came over for dinner on Thursday night, it was so much fun getting to hang out with them! It really made me realize just how much I miss her.

((((Insert Sad picture of Keri here))))

There was a baby shower for Tiffany on Saturday which went really well! I cant wait to see pictures of little Noah. ..... [side note for people who know Bo and Tiffany... Who would have thought that they would have a child born in Italy????... crazy!!!]
I made a diaper cake for her! I decorated it with some baby wash cloth boo boo bunnies! I also made her a Carolina Tar heels wipes case and some paci clips but I forgot to get a picture! Oh and I also got her a swaddle me blanket because I think that those things are the best invention ever. By far my favorite baby item!
Grandpa Tim arrived late Sunday night! Here he is getting to hold Kenley for the first time! Kenley and I took him to Baker's Square this morning because it is a requirement of anyone who comes to visit us!
Auntie Kimbe sent Kenley this cute little outfit! Thanks Auntie Kimbe, Kenley says that she is ready for you to take her to the beach!
Notice the cute baby flip flops! I ordered them off of ebay they are Baby Gap and they finally came in the mail yesterday! They are so adorable!

In other news our friends Maryn and Daniel are now the proud parents of Abigail Violet Good! She was born yesterday evening and weighs in at 5 lbs 12 oz. She is just a tiny little thing! Kenley is so excited that she has another friend!

Kenley at the Goodfellows

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Here are some pictures of Kenley's sleepover at the Goodfellow's!
This is right after Kenley pooped all over Kristen. :)

Think, think, think

My phone is broken

Thursday, September 24, 2009

So if you need to get a hold of me. Call me and then leave a message. The speaker on the phone is broken so it doesn't ring but it will vibrate saying I have a voicemail so then I can call you back. Or just call Brian's phone. Thanks

Pictures of Kenley

This one was taken @ the Labor Day picnic @ our Church. She wasn't too thrilled about the sandals. But I loved them! This was the first time she wore shoes.
Here she is sleeping on our bed. If she isn't swaddled she loves to sleep on her side.
She is always so happy everytime I put her on the changing table. It is so hard to get a picture of her smiling but this is close enough!

Cooking with Mommy

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jenny posted pictures of David helping her cook so I thought that I would post a picture of Kenley helping me cook. :) We made Hungry-Girl's Chicken Pot Pockets and mashed potatoes. I couldn't find the wrappers that she calls for so I used Lumpia wrappers since they are similar. I also only made 10 pockets so my calories per pocket came out to be 146.5. They were very good! Brian even requested that I make more so that he can take them to work for lunch!

Healthy Eating

I mentioned the other day that we are going to start eating healthier around here. My problem is that I can never decide what to eat for lunch so I end up drinking a glass of chocolate milk and eating a spoonful of peanut butter and calling it good. So to help myself eat healthier I have come up with some options that I can have for breakfast and lunch. I can have as many fruits and veggies as I want. Also I am going to start limiting myself to 2 glasses of chocolate milk a day. That may seem like a lot of chocolate milk to you but seriously I think I probably drink 5 or 6 glasses of it currently. I'm addicted. Anyways here are my current options. (I will add more options when I get tired of these)

{I usually eat a granola bar @ Kenley's 7 am feeding and then have breakfast around 10}
-Egg in a Mug w/ toast or English Muffin
-Fruit smoothie
-Yogurt w/ fruit and cereal

-English Muffin Pizzas
-Broccoli Cheese Soup
-leftovers if we have any

For Dinner I am just going to make whatever I usually do but I am also trying out more hungry-girl recipes. Last night we had Hungry Girl's version of the Bonzai Burger @ Red Robin. It was really good and we will definitely be making them again!

Do you have any healthy breakfast or lunch ideas for me?

Pampered Chef Party pt.3

The website is up and working now. Sorry if you tried before and it didn't work!

To Order go to:

click on the product you would like and it will say how to order, click that and then there will be a space where you can type in my name! (Keri Ronk) :)

James Ryan Carruthers

My little nephew was born this morning at 2:30 AM (Pacific Time) weighing in at 7lbs 6oz and 19.75 inches long. His head was 14 inches just like Kenley! Crazy how Amy went overdue and he was still so much smaller than Kenley who was right on her due date yet they still have the same size head :). I so wish we were in Washington! I just want to hold him and kiss him all over!John looks so proud!

Modest Swimsuits!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I know that it is fall now, but I just found this website and I am so excited! Lime Ricki sells modest swimsuits that are actually cute with fun colors and funky designs! I am definitely getting one of these next summer! I cant decide if this one is my favorite or if this one is. What do you think?

Pampered Chef Party pt.2

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ummm I dont think that anyone is going to be able to come to my party. The teen lock-in got switched to this Friday, the Revelation Bible study is Friday and tons of people will be out of town. :( I think it might have just become an accidental catalog party. lol. I guess I will just have to eat the baked potato chowder and turtle fudge skillet cake all by my lonesome :)

Seriously though if you would like to order anything go to this website:


Please type in Keri Ronk as the host.

Pampered Chef Party

I am having a Pampered Chef Party this Friday night @ 6pm! Please come! I know that I have been horrible and have not got my invites out yet. Sorry! They will be sent out tomorrow which I know it super late notice for everyone. But seriously everyone is invited! The special this month is 20% off of stoneware! If you cant come and still want something let me know and I can get you a catalog and order form!

I'm super late to this....

but I joined facebook today.

Anniversary Date Night!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Date night went great! We miss our baby like crazy! Brian really misses her. :) He's such a sweet Daddy. Olive Garden was so good! I got the Lasagna Fritta.... Oh my goodness... YUM! Its fried lasagna whats not to love! We also got their Zeppole (Italian donuts with chocolate dipping sauce)! They were kind of like Krispy Kremes but way better! They were also so good! I only ate one because I was so full already! Starting Monday though we are eating healthy! We went shopping and let me tell you, trying on clothes right now is down right depressing! I did get some leather flip flops though! I have been looking for a pair of leather flip flops for forever! I will let my you know how the healthy eating plan goes! I am going to figure out the menu plan and calories and such on Monday.

Our new computer came in the mail today!!! We got a computer that is for hooking up to your TV off of woot.com for a super great deal as an anniversary present to each other! Brian is getting it all set up right now!

Umm...... I miss my Kenley!

Take this Betty Crocker!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I love Betty Crocker Warm Delights. They are so warm and chocolate-y and cake-y and gooey! Pretty much all of my favorite adjectives that describe food! These little buggers are quite expensive though! Right now they are on sale @ Harris Teeter for 3 for $5.00. My favorite flavor is the Molten Caramel Cake and I have figured out how to make it at home! My recreated version costs much less, has less calories, and it tastes just as good!

You will need:
2 tbsp Devils Food Cake Mix
1 tbsp Vanilla Yogurt
A drizzle of Caramel Ice Cream topping
(Hot fudge would be good too!)

In a ramekin or glass dish combine cake mix and yogurt together. You can drizzle with caramel now and it will melt into the cake or you can wait until you take it out of the microwave its up to you! Microwave for 45 seconds to 1 minute. Enjoy!

{The one in the picture is actually a double batch. Because I have no self control :) its that good}

The idea for this came from hungry-girl.com. Her version cools it and makes it into a brownie that is then topped with chocolate flavored cool whip! This website is my new website obsession. Check out her recipes! They all look really good! I am going to make her Broccoli Cheese Soup for dinner tonight!

Here is a picture of sleeping Kenley to keep the grandparents happy. If she isn't swaddled this is how she sleeps!

Happy 3rd Anniversary Brian!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Today is our 3rd Anniversary! Sometimes it seems like our wedding day was just yesterday and sometimes it feels like we have been married all of our lives. I could not ask for a better husband and I am so excited that I get to be his wife. Susan Navas sent me a card the other day with a yummy recipe in it (when I make it, I will post it) and she addressed it to Mrs. Brian Ronk. I love how that sounds!

It has been a crazy three years to say the least! We have moved across the country, bought a house, bought 2 cars (one of which we took a taxi to the car dealership to buy. We had real bargaining power then :) lol), found a new Church, made awesome friends, and had a baby. Those are just some of the highlights of our marriage!

We aren't really doing anything special today because its a Wednesday and we both have commitments at Church so really we will only get to spend a few hours together today. On Saturday though, the Goodfellows are watching Kenley... overnight.... and we are going to Jacksonville to go to Olive Garden and go shopping and hang out on the beach. I am not really nervous about leaving Kenley overnight with the Goodfellows because Melissa loves Kenley to pieces, but I am a little nervous about getting her back. :) I might have to send my Marine in to retrieve her :)

These are for Amy

Monday, September 14, 2009


{Amy is my Sister-in-law who is due in 4 days}

Kenley Slept Through the Night!!!!

Yay! Usually she has been eating around 10 or 11 and then waking up around 4 to eat, but last night she ate at 11 and woke up at 6! I hope it continues, but she was really tired yesterday due to naptimes and eating times getting all messed up because of Church. I am still trying to figure out a schedule that works with Church because right now it seems like I am missing it all because I am feeding her. Thank goodness for that little nursing room though!

Go Seahawks!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nap time

Friday, September 11, 2009

Here's some more!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We did get a few good ones!

Most of the good ones are of her little body parts. I am not posting the good ones of her face just yet because I have not decided which one to use on her baby announcements so you will just have to wait!