Anniversary Date Night!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Date night went great! We miss our baby like crazy! Brian really misses her. :) He's such a sweet Daddy. Olive Garden was so good! I got the Lasagna Fritta.... Oh my goodness... YUM! Its fried lasagna whats not to love! We also got their Zeppole (Italian donuts with chocolate dipping sauce)! They were kind of like Krispy Kremes but way better! They were also so good! I only ate one because I was so full already! Starting Monday though we are eating healthy! We went shopping and let me tell you, trying on clothes right now is down right depressing! I did get some leather flip flops though! I have been looking for a pair of leather flip flops for forever! I will let my you know how the healthy eating plan goes! I am going to figure out the menu plan and calories and such on Monday.

Our new computer came in the mail today!!! We got a computer that is for hooking up to your TV off of for a super great deal as an anniversary present to each other! Brian is getting it all set up right now!

Umm...... I miss my Kenley!


Anonymous said...

Eating healthy is very hard but i have done my ebst for a number of months and of yesterday i have droped 30 pounds and i feel so much will miss a lot of things and when you do drink 2 glasses of water. It helped me. love you guys
Bill K.

Jenny said...

I think we will have to go to Olive Garden just so we can have that dessert, yummy.