2 months old!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We have made it two whole months!! I think I have finally gotten into the swing of motherhood and am really loving it. Kenley has gotten herself into a really good schedule. Right now her eating times are *7-8ish*10ish*12:30ish*2:30ish*5:30-6ish*10-11ish (if I wake her up)*4ish*

Today I have been reminded of what a blessing God bestowed upon us by giving us a calm baby.

This morning Kenley had her 2 month doctors visit.
[The 2 month one is the one with all the nasty shots.]

On the way to the clinic Kenley spit up all over. Seriously her entire outfit pants and all and the car seat were totally soaked.

Then we get there and as the corpsman was listening to her lungs she spit up all over him and the stethoscope. Poor guy. He had me strip her down to her diaper which was good because she was still soaking wet from the spit up incident. He weighed her and took her measurements. 10 lbs 3.7 ounces almost 22 inches long and her head circ. is 39 centimeters.

The doctor had to see us in a different room so as I am carrying her to the next room she spits up all over me. [Note to self: In addition to a change of clothes for Kenley also pack one for Mommy]

Doctor said everything is good. We have to go to the doctors on base now rather than going out in town and I was a bit nervous about the quality of doctor but I really liked this guy. He took the time to answer all of my 57 questions so that was good! {it was really only 6} :)

Then we get sent down to immunizations to get her vaccines. I DO NOT do well with shots. Its a fact that I have proven many times during the pregnancy and delivery. But I decided that I was going to be really brave and get my flu shot when she was getting her shots so she wouldn't be alone. So he gives me my flu shot and I am super brave, then he gives Kenley her shots. She screams but she calmed down pretty quickly after ward. This is when it got fuzzy. I started to feel really nauseous and lightheaded and I felt like all the sound coming into my ears was muffled. I asked the corpsman if nausea was normal with the flu shot since I had never had one. His response is "Mam you look very pale I need to have you lie down right now." Kenley was on the table and he whisks her off of it and places me on there (I pass out for a few seconds) then he has someone come and watch me while he gets me water. Then I had to be observed for 10 minutes. I am just thankful that I didn't pass out while I was holding Kenley.

Hospitals + Keri = Bad
I cant even handle the flu shot. lol.

Kenley is now feeling the effects of the vaccines she totally refused to eat at the 2:30 feeding and finally ate around 6 which was freaking me out a bit. Especially because she basically screamed that entire time. She is now sleeping peacefully.

Thank you LORD for blessing us with a normally calm baby.


Terri said...

I can't believe Kenley is 2 months old already!!!! I can't wait until Christmas!!!

Melissa said...

That sounds like a very interesting trip to the doctor!!! It beats any of my stories by about a million... Happy two months Kenley.

Jenny said...

Happy 2 months Kenley. I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying Mommyhood so much. I knew you would. I know you guys don't really like to take medications too much, but if you give Kenley a little baby motrin after she has her shots it will really help ease her pain. David was always fussy after shots too, all those needles hurt! And by the way, you are a good Mommy Keri! Love you guys!

Amy said...

She is too stinking cute!! Send her here!!

Unknown said...

Hi! I found your blog through Amy's and wanted to congratulate you on your beautiful daughter! I can't believe how much James & Kenley look alike, how fun! :)