Healthy Eating

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I mentioned the other day that we are going to start eating healthier around here. My problem is that I can never decide what to eat for lunch so I end up drinking a glass of chocolate milk and eating a spoonful of peanut butter and calling it good. So to help myself eat healthier I have come up with some options that I can have for breakfast and lunch. I can have as many fruits and veggies as I want. Also I am going to start limiting myself to 2 glasses of chocolate milk a day. That may seem like a lot of chocolate milk to you but seriously I think I probably drink 5 or 6 glasses of it currently. I'm addicted. Anyways here are my current options. (I will add more options when I get tired of these)

{I usually eat a granola bar @ Kenley's 7 am feeding and then have breakfast around 10}
-Egg in a Mug w/ toast or English Muffin
-Fruit smoothie
-Yogurt w/ fruit and cereal

-English Muffin Pizzas
-Broccoli Cheese Soup
-leftovers if we have any

For Dinner I am just going to make whatever I usually do but I am also trying out more hungry-girl recipes. Last night we had Hungry Girl's version of the Bonzai Burger @ Red Robin. It was really good and we will definitely be making them again!

Do you have any healthy breakfast or lunch ideas for me?


Unknown said...

Yes! I can help a bit.

A grilled cheese sandwich on whole-wheat bread with cheddar is a great breakfast. Gives you energy without sugar.

On the chocolate milk addiction, try soy milk. You can hardly taste any difference, and it's better for you. :) Soy protein may make your breast milk more difficult for Kenley to like; you should look that up.

For lunch, what about a whole-grain tortilla filled with veggies, low-fat dressing and a few bacon bits?

I don't eat meat; I eat veggie burgers. You can try a veggie patty on that Bonzai Burger (it's SO yummy!), but DON'T use Boca; just use a veggie patty.

Hope that helps!

CLR said...

Muffins are so fabulous! Make a couple dozen and freeze them in your gallon bag. Then pop one in the microwave for a warm homemade breakfast or snack.

Cinnamon rolls work just a great. You do need some extra calories you know..

Also if your so inclined make a huge batch of granola. It keeps well than you have it on had for cereal, yogurt, or dipping a banana into.

We usually have toast for lunch or an avocado with some slices of parmesan reggiano cheese and triscuit crackers.. So yummy!