Lake Chelan Summer Vacation 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013

We returned home from an awesome week at Lake Chelan late Saturday night. My in-laws were kind enough to let the girls and I tag along with them for the whole week! Brian and the Carruthers joined us all on Thursday! It was a great vacation with lots of pool and lake time! 

Spontaneous hand holding is the best! 

I found tilapia in my yogurt.... no... just no... 

This is how I get extra reading time in! I plan to post my summer reading list in the next few days! While in Chelan, I read Redeeming Love and Safe Haven. I love reading but in my daily life I don't get many opportunities so I really look forward to vacations where I will get to read! 

This is the only shot I got of all 5 kiddos... 

This girl is going to be 4 tomorrow!?! I can't believe it! 

Terri and I played Rummikub A LOT... A LOT :)

I now know where Brian gets his competitive spirit from... She wouldn't let us stop playing until she won... We played late into the night most nights :) 

I didn't do a great job about taking pictures so I will have to steal some pictures from Amy once she posts them on her blog!

Update: Here is a Link to Amy's blog with more pictures from our trip! 

Ranch Dip Mix

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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Craftivity Camp Session #3

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Head over to the Craftivity Camp Blog to see pictures from Session #3! 

Summer Life Lately

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our July has been packed full of fun activities! 

On the 5th the girls had their pictures taken. Our theme was Art! I can't wait to see all the pictures!  

Whenever I try to schedule pictures Claire gets a stye and this photo session was no exception. She woke up with a stye that morning and it has gotten progressively worse ever since... Poor girl! 

Also on the 5th we instituted our first annual 5th of July party! It was super relaxed and we ate 4th of July leftovers, lit leftover fireworks, and hung out by the campfire. It was a super fun time with friends that we didn't get to spend the 4th of July with! 

Amanda and I did some of the dirty work so that we could make Campfire Eclairs! 

Don't let these pictures of me fool you, Brian made it possible for us to have roasting sticks! I would have died VERY quickly in pioneering days. 

 Awesome friends...

Campfire Eclairs! 

 Our summer schedule has been pretty crazy so we haven't been doing too many structured crafts lately. April gave us some giraffe cut outs she had leftover and I attached contact paper to one side and then let them stick tissue paper to the contact paper. 

I love how they look with the light shining through them in the window! 

Gymnastics is still going great! Claire is doing especially well! 

Kenley is doing great too! 

I always over buy s'mores stuff! I love it all in this big glass jar! If I had the space for it I think I would store most things in giant jars! 


Tomato stealer! Brian's garden is growing so well! He is doing wood chip gardening and we are absolutely loving it! 

This candle smells so yummy! Once Craft Mart emails me another coupon I am going back for it! 

Washi tape is 40% off at Michaels right now! Some of it is on clearance too! 

 Hey! There is a boy in my daughters bed! 

Great friends! 

We are planning a week long camping trip later in the summer, so we are taking a few overnight camp trips to get them used to it! This camping trip lasted 11 hours :) we got there at 8:30pm and were packed up and gone by 7:30am! 

Happy Summer! 

Late Night Snacking

Thursday, July 11, 2013

We were feeling snacky the other night while we watched Top Shot. In the fridge I found leftover cheesecake filling from my Strawberry Blossoms but no strawberries. I improvised and piped the leftover filling into some raspberries... Oh. My. Yum! We easily ate through 3 containers of raspberries and probably would have eaten more had we had more raspberries. Seriously make these! Be sure to have lots of raspberries though because these go quick!

Stepping Stones with Great Grandma

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The kiddos Great Grandma is known for her stepping stones so it was super neat that the girls (and boys) got to go over to her house this past week to make stepping stones with her! 

Mixing the concrete...

Placing their decorations... 

Loving on Bethy...

Their finished stones... 

Happy 5th of July!

Friday, July 5, 2013

This is what our 4th of July looked like! 

The night ended with this MASSIVE bonfire. Oh my goodness! I had no idea he was going to have the bonfire that big! That boy makes me nervous but he sure knows how to host a bonfire party!