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Thursday, April 11, 2013

As I put Claire into the Hobby Lobby shopping cart, I noticed that she didn't have shoes on... I had made her walk all the way through the parking lot into the store barefoot! I am sure that I must have got several dirty looks! Yikes! Extra long bath time that night! 

Happy Mail!

Discount School Supply is awesome! I can't wait to experiment more with the powdered paint! Those canvases were a super great deal $8.99 for 6! For that price if I need a white canvas I will just spray primer it white! 

 Uu is for Umbrella Sandwiches

I found this juicer for $7 at Target! We have been having fresh orange juice with breakfast and its awesome! I always could make juice with my Champion juicer but this juicer allows me to just slice in half and juice! No more peeling oranges! 

I cleaned out my car.... seriously... it never got cleaned out after vacation and then stuff just kept on accumulating... yikes! It is all clean now! 

CLo came down with a stomach bug. Its so weird that she always gets these sicknesses but Kenley doesn't. Maybe its a preemie thing? At least this time she didn't throw up in my face! 

We have a winner! Kenley LOVES spaghetti pie! It is super difficult to get her to willingly eat anything other than vegetables and fruits so this was exciting news for us! 

I made Food Babe's knock-off Chick-fil-A. It's a winner too! It's more pickle-y tasting than I remember Chick-fil-A tasting but it was super yummy! 

How has your life been lately?

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Carol Blanchet said...

Isn't Discount School Supply great. I just bought a big bag of buttons (see my post) and the large 9" collage alphabet letters.

I love your posts. They always make me smile!

Keri Ronk said...

Thanks Carol! I just read your post and was kicking myself for not buying buttons!