U Day at Preschool!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The further we get along in the alphabet the harder it gets to teach some of these letters! Amy was our teacher for U this week and I did the craft! It's crazy to me that I only have one more craft to do and one more letter to teach! 

The marching ABC's

Everyone under the umbrella! 

We did a Uu is for Underground craft. First we cut snips in a strip of green paper to represent our grass... 

Then we took our brown papers outside and added "a little" glue...

We dumped dirt on our glue and then shook off the excess dirt. 

Finally, we glued on the green grass and added U's that I cut with my Silhouette! 

Pretty good for such a tricky letter! 

My next craft is for W and in my head it looks awesome! We will see how it turns out in real life! 

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