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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My master plan is working! She thinks pushing Claire is super fun! 

Amy turned 28! We randomly decided to go out to mexican for dinner that night and they were there celebrating! We joined in the fun! 

Claire fell and split her lip open.... we HAD to take her for Frozen Yogurt because the cold would help the swelling go down... Any excuse! :)

I had my first dining in experience! It was super funny! 

The spaghetti love continues... 

I am so excited for the warmer days because that means we can eat lunch outside! I am all for keeping the mess outside! Have you seen Claire eat? We need lots more warm days! Haha! 

Checking out the cows

Pulling Grammy around LaConner...

Silly girls...

That's our life lately! 

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Emily said...

Love all the pictures :]