Kenley's New Favorite Craft

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I have an abundance of scrapbook paper that I don't have any projects in mind for right now.... Thanks Amy :)

 Kenley has been doing this great little project to help me cut my stash down and work on her scissor skills! Stuffed animal collars! 

You need: A Stuffed Animal, Scrapbook Paper, Scissors, a Crayon, and Glue Dots.
{We have this Mini Dot and Go Glue Dots dispenser from Oriental Trading Company. I LOVE it! Kenley is able to use it really well too!}

Cut a strip of scrapbook paper, write your pets name on it with the crayon, stick a glue dot on one end, wrap collar around your stuffed animal and join other end of paper to the glue dotted end. Then proceed to make a collar for every stuffed animal that you see :) 

This is a really great no-mess craft that Kenley can do with very little supervision! 

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