Kenley's Craft of the Day's

Friday, April 12, 2013

I managed to complete our March footprint calendar page just in time! 

Kenley's favorite "craft" right now is play-doh. I just love this little play-doh person! 

Experimenting with our new powdered paints and water droppers...

Decorating eggs with Gracen! I found another kit similar to the jungle themed one we did on vacation. This one is pet themed! Super cute again! I found a bunch of these type of egg kits on clearance at Target so I stocked up for next year! 

She drew a picture of her bunny egg. 

Melissa and Doug's Paint Your Own Horses Kit. Painted just like Spirit of course! 

This "craft" was really more of an activity to get the girls more excited about brushing their teeth! It worked they loved decorating their toothbrushes and are super proud that they decorated them all by themselves! {They are the Spinbrush for Kids My Way, I bought them at Target} 

My phone case was looking really scratched up so I thought it might be fun for Kenley to paint it. She wasn't super into into painting that day so I might have her paint another coat on in a few days when she is more in the mood.

She drew Spirit!

Kenley seems like she isn't really into painting as much anymore so that means I need to get a lot more creative with my crafts for her since painting is my go-to! Any ideas for me? She has been asking a lot of questions about color mixing lately so we will definitely be doing a few color blending crafts soon! 

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Carol Blanchet said...

These are a little more expensive, but you could try water colors or water color pencils.

You could get an assortment of colored rice, peas, beans, and other grains and have her glue them on a picture, like Sprit from a coloring book or page from a book that you copy. (fun for color texture)

Those girls are blesseD to have you for a mom!