Life Lately

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My master plan is working! She thinks pushing Claire is super fun! 

Amy turned 28! We randomly decided to go out to mexican for dinner that night and they were there celebrating! We joined in the fun! 

Claire fell and split her lip open.... we HAD to take her for Frozen Yogurt because the cold would help the swelling go down... Any excuse! :)

I had my first dining in experience! It was super funny! 

The spaghetti love continues... 

I am so excited for the warmer days because that means we can eat lunch outside! I am all for keeping the mess outside! Have you seen Claire eat? We need lots more warm days! Haha! 

Checking out the cows

Pulling Grammy around LaConner...

Silly girls...

That's our life lately! 

Time for your check-up!

Monday, April 29, 2013

The girls had check-ups on the 18th

As usual they are both super tall and skinny, Brian and I aren't too concerned but we are trying to add more fat to the girls diets... all while trying to not fatten us up too :) 

The girls both did so well during their check-ups! All that credit goes to Doc McStuffins! We sang the time for your check-up song a lot that day! 

Honestly, I really dislike this pediatrician. She is SUPER condescending. I'm pretty sure that she thinks I am an airhead parent who doesn't know how to feed her kids (what she thinks are) healthy foods. It's super frustrating. 

Tulip Fields!

Last Wednesday we went up to Mount Vernon and LaConner to see the tulips with my Mom! 

It was so hard to get good pictures of these squirmy girls! 

They just wanted to run around and through the flowers!

Recent Kiddo Craft Fun

Sunday, April 28, 2013

We've been...

Decorating Easter Bunny Houses... a little bit late, but fun nonetheless! 

Painting at our easels...

(It's Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, painted for Grammy)

Painting our feet for April's footprint frogs! 

Practicing cutting shapes and then doing melting crayons on those shapes...

Drawing bunnies...

And throwing paint filled balloons...

I'm trying to figure out a great way to fill water balloons with paint. This time I filled the balloons with powdered paint and then with water but the result was super watery colors which isn't my goal. Any ideas? 

Quick Snack Idea: Cream Cheese Filled Dates

Saturday, April 27, 2013

My latest post went up over at ForChicSake yesterday! Go check it out! 

Kenley's New Favorite Craft

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I have an abundance of scrapbook paper that I don't have any projects in mind for right now.... Thanks Amy :)

 Kenley has been doing this great little project to help me cut my stash down and work on her scissor skills! Stuffed animal collars! 

You need: A Stuffed Animal, Scrapbook Paper, Scissors, a Crayon, and Glue Dots.
{We have this Mini Dot and Go Glue Dots dispenser from Oriental Trading Company. I LOVE it! Kenley is able to use it really well too!}

Cut a strip of scrapbook paper, write your pets name on it with the crayon, stick a glue dot on one end, wrap collar around your stuffed animal and join other end of paper to the glue dotted end. Then proceed to make a collar for every stuffed animal that you see :) 

This is a really great no-mess craft that Kenley can do with very little supervision! 

Life Lately

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Last week was brutal. Maybe the most stressful week of my life... ever. It was ugly. I am so thankful for God's forgiveness and for the freeing power of repentance! This week I refrained from doing anything other than the already scheduled things like gymnastics and our library time. Cutting back allowed me to get a little bit more caught up on chores which makes a world of difference. Clutter makes me crazy! 

This week has been so much better! 
That being said here are some pictures of the last week! 

Claire had a rough few nights coming off of her stomach virus which meant she was waking up at night and then being brought into bed with us. Lots of kicks in the face for both Brian and I... she is a thrasher! We were exhausted. 

I successfully made sourdough bread! I kind of made up my own recipe and as soon as I find where I wrote my notes and try it again I will post the recipe! 

Healthy tip: Buy 1 bag of regular nuts and 1 bag of unsalted nuts and then mix them together in a ziploc bag. Way less sodium without losing all of the saltiness! 

We made a trip to the Children's Museum. The girls really love it there! I need to make it a priority to go more often! 

I LOVE this silhouette of CLo! 

Art room time! 

Sometimes she calls her bobble head cat Elvis (after our cat) other times she calls it Toothless (after How to Train Your Dragon) 

I used my Silhouette to make a monogram newborn gown and receiving blanket for a friends baby shower. I think it is so cute! I don't want another baby girl (at this moment) but this newborn gown almost makes me change my mind! 

I made the vinyl for this Camelbak and my mom took it to the Mom's Weekend auction at my Sisters sorority. It sold for $45! Whoop Whoop! 

Bubbles! The girls got bubble guns in their Easter baskets and we finally got a clear day to use them! 

Kenley is doing super well with writing her name! 

We found this AWESOME play set on Craigslist! It's like every kids dream play set and I have some fun plans for it! I want to paint the floor on the bottom level of the play set to look like a rug! I'm also stalking Craigslist for a cheap small plastic play kitchen to fit inside! 

We spent lots of time with our besties :) 

I drank lots of Starbucks to keep up with everything... and now I am totally addicted to the caffeine even though I only get decaf. 

I keep putting the swim stuff away where I think she won't get to it... she always finds it and declares that its time to go to our vacation house to go swimming with Gracen. 

We finally got a few nice days for the girls to enjoy the play set! 

This girl only cares about the car swing. She is obsessed with it and its all she wants to do... ever... Maybe my arms will get more toned? I'm trying to convince Kenley that it is SUPER FUN to push Claire :)
She loves gymnastics! Her favorite thing right now is hanging from the bars. She can actually hang for a super long time too! I can totally see her loving the uneven bars when she is older!  

Before gymnastics, Claire did Kenley's make-up... With my new make-up... They are not allowed to touch my make-up...  

This girl is all about being a cowgirl this week! 

So that's our life lately! How has yours been?