Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How did I do with my goals for May? (Red is a fail, Green is a success!)

- 30 Day Shred... Fail! My hospital stay threw off my shredding and I never got back to it :(

- Go walking with a friend at least once a week... Success! I even walked in a 5K with B!

- Drink a smoothie every day... I burnt out on smoothies very quickly

- No dairy except for occasional splurges on weekends. If we eat out I almost always end up consuming a little dairy so this goal means we need to eat at home all during the week... Success- Though I didn't see a huge change in her spitting up when I did have dairy on the weekends so maybe her tummy is maturing?

- That leads to cooking more nutritious meals- Success! I have even been packing Brian healthy breakfasts and lunches for him to take to school!

- Going to the Children's museum at least twice- Success!

- Making my bed everyday- Success... Though there was a day or two where the bed didn't get made until later in the day... Room for improvement!

- Be consistent in The Word- Sort of Success- Started out the month reading 1 Peter every day but I seemed to be having a weird metal block with it so I switched to 2 Peter every day.

- Read a book or two- Fail!

- Take my shower before I get Kenley up- Fail.. We transitioned her to a toddler bed this month so that means that right when her eyes pop open she is up and playing with toys. This has lead to much earlier wake ups for her. When she was in the crib I could just leave her in there for a few extra minutes... not so with the toddler bed.

June Goals!

- Read the book of James everyday
- Transition Claire into the crib and out of the hallway
- Keep making the bed
- Go to the Children's Museum at least 3x
- Recreate Thrive's Quinoa and Red Rice Grain Bowl!
- Have a garage sale!
- Buy and install retractable clothesline for our cloth diapers
- Set up kiddie pool for Kenley
- Go to the park at least 2x
- Walk at least 4x
- Go on at least 2 dates with the Hubs

Your turn! What are your goals for June?


Emily said...

My goal is to NOT BE LAZY! HA

Amy said...

Can we join you for a walk and a museum trip?? I just want to help you meet your goals! :)

Keri Ronk said...

Amy, please do!

Keri Ronk said...

Emily that is one of my goals too! Hence my facebook diet :)

Melissa said...

Hey Keri, I think I will join you on reading James everyday. I need to be more consistent and that sounds like a great place to start!