6 Months Old!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Has it really been half a year? I can not imagine our lives without Claire! Its hard to even remember what it was like to have just 1 baby!

Sometimes I think back to how "easy" I had it when it was just Kenley and I... 1 kid is so much easier that 2 but I wouldn't have it any other way! Claire is so sweet! She is usually just content to chill wherever we go.

She has the sweetest little giggle and laughs pretty much every time anyone talks to her.

On Kenley's 6 month birthday we started her on solids because she was READY! I just don't feel like Claire is really ready for that step yet. She doesn't really show any interest in what we are eating and I would rather wait until she is better at sitting up anyway.

She is sleeping from about 9:30 pm to about 7:30 am.

She still eats about every 3ish hours during the day. We aren't really on a schedule because I am just too flakey and go with the flow for that kind of thing but its usually about every few hours. :)

I love snuggling her! She fell asleep in my arms yesterday and that was just the thing I needed to comfort me! (I had an aweful stomach bug)

I am very excited that I finally get a cuddler!

She is really starting to fill out! She has the sweetest chubby cheeks and she is also starting to get some chub on her thighs! I feel a little bit bad for her that she will probably always have to be the "bigger" sister, but she has such a sweet disposition that I don't think it will bother her too much!

Kenley and Claire are now officially roommates! Claire has done great sleeping in the crib and to the best of my knowledge Kenley hasn't tried to poke her or pull on her through the slats of the crib. :)

I love you sweet Claire! You bring such a joy to Mommy and Daddy!

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Unknown said...

Was it really almost 8 months ago that you and Kenley came over to keep me company after I officially became a housewife - when you were still pregnant with Claire?!! She's so adorable. :)