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Who says that it's Fall?

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Trip Recap Part 7

Friday, September 23, 2011

Prepare for a super long post!

Hurricane Irene. What a crazy experience! Being from the west coast we are not accustomed to hurricanes! We had no idea what to expect but we definitely did not expect the craziness that happened!

Check out this flooding!

I have never in my life seen flooding in person! I did take comfort in the fact that God will not destroy the earth with a flood again!
Kenley insisted on wearing her swimsuit!
At one point we packed up backpacks and took all of their special pictures and things and put them in the attic as we prepared to leave to find higher ground. It seems so surreal now looking back on it! Thankfully we did not have to leave because the flood water started to recede.
What do you do when you are trapped in the Goodfellow's house without power? Singing and praising the LORD!

Brian and Gary were pretty tuckered out by mid day!
Here is a good picture of what the water level was at in the garage.
Once the flood waters receded it was pretty crazy to see all of the destruction that Hurricane Irene left behind.

This picture of Claire absolutely cracks me up!

The girls North Carolina Nana arrived just in time to love on the girls (and feed Kenley ice cream) before we left!

Gary is a goober! :)
Looking at these pictures makes me miss the Goodfellows SO MUCH!

8 and 9 months!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Claire turned 8 months while we were in Quantico! She turned 9 months on Tuesday! She has gotten so big! She still is not a fan of food. She does however like coconut water as well as pureed watermelon in a bottle. I think that she might just be holding out for when she has teeth and she can really eat the good stuff! She scoots and rolls to get wherever she wants but she is getting really close to crawling! She is still mellow as ever! Sweet as can be!
AND.... Her first tooth popped through yesterday! I will certainly miss these gummy grins!

Trip Recap Part 6

Last year Emma, Jenny and I were all pregnant with our 2nd babies and we were all due just a few days apart! Being pregnant with friends is so much fun!

August 2010:
August 2011:
I think that we need to make it a tradition to eat at Osaka's and take pictures together EVERY year!

Our Sweet Babies:
Claire Louise Ronk Born December 20th 2010
Aiden Michael Friedlein Born January 25th 2011
Kylee Ann Wehrman Born January 18th 2011

I love our friends and I miss them so much!