Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our trip to Quantico and North Carolina was great!

It is so so so great to be reunited with Brian! I didn't post about it on the blog for safety reasons, but Brian was in Quantico for the summer attending Officer Candidates School. It was a very long 6 weeks of being a single Mom! The six weeks of being apart definitely made me appreciate having a husband so much more!

I forgot my memory card at the Goodfellow's house so trip recap posts will have to wait until I receive the card in the mail! It was definitely quite the trip!

Here we are with the Goodfellow's right before we left. We love Gary, Melissa, and the girls so much! You know that you have an awesome friendship with someone when you can be apart for a long time and then when you are together again, you can pick right back up where you left off!

Well, I better get back to unpacking and laundry... and to refereeing the things that Kenley "shares" with her sister... this time it was half a banana, who knows what it will be next!


Emily said...

How much longer does Brian have to go before he get's commissioned? That must be so exciting!

Keri Ronk said...

He gets commissioned when he graduates from UW which should be June of 2013.

MECEP is so awesome!

Amy said...

We're glad you're home and safe!