Thursday, September 15, 2011

We headed up to the Co-op in Mount Vernon yesterday and luckily for us they were having a "get to know your farmer" day! Some Organic Valley dairy farmers were there with 3 day old Bubba! Isn't he so cute?

Claire was not a fan. But really, that isn't surprising since she hates dairy anyway. :)
Kenley really liked looking at Bubba and saying Bubba but she refused to touch him. It was actually pretty surprising since she is usually such a brave girl!
It was actually a pretty funny scene because grown women were pushing past Kenley so that they could pet Bubba. Is it really important enough to you to pet a baby cow that you have to edge your way in past a 2 year old? I think not!

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Emily said...

Apparently those women really love their dairy ha. Bubba's a cutie.