Trip Recap Part 4

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Accidental Artist Edition!

The Accidental Artist is one of my favorite places ever! I loved working there back when we lived in NC. The owners Mike and Joan are so awesome! When we stopped by to paint neither Mike or Joan were there and I was bummed because I really wanted to see them but then as we were almost done, Joan walked in!

The Accidental Artist has moved to a new location across the street and I was so excited to see the new location! The new place looks great!

I loved getting to let Kenley paint all by herself! She loved it!

While working at The Accidental Artist, I witnessed many a parent who would take over their child's project and paint it for the them because the poor kid wasn't doing it "right". That example has made me vow to never take over my child's art projects!!

Let their creativity flow!!
Kenley's masterpiece...
Sweet Claire chilled in her stroller for quite a while! She is so content!
David showing off his stamps! Helicopter and Airplane... Can you tell his Daddy is a pilot? :)

Sweet Claire needed to leave her mark on The Accidental Artist!

Kenley's @ 9ish months and Claire's @ 8ish months

We added Kenley's hand print to her masterpiece! If you are ever at the Accidental Artist you need to look for Kenley's hand print and her tiny baby footprints and Claire's footprints at the cash wrap!
Claire's face! Hahaha! At least it is a good one of Joan and I!

Until next time Accidental Artist!!

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