Yesterday was FUN!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Our craft of the day yesterday started out simple.... Paint the deck with washable paint... We are in the midst of working on the deck and will be repainting it in the coming weeks. While the deck is all crazy we may as well add some color to the crazy right?! 

Pretty quickly the girls started painting themselves...

Then I got the idea that it would be fun for them to jump in the paint! 

After the girls had jumped for a while we got out the hose and started spraying the trampoline down... Wet trampolines are so much more bouncy! Then Daddy joined us and we all jumped on the trampoline and sprayed each other with water. It was so fun and it was totally one of those perfect afternoons that I hope the girls remember when they are older! 


Carol Blanchet said...

You are THE BEST! :-)

Unknown said...

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