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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Yesterday while Claire was napping, Kenley and I were hanging out in the craft room. I didn't have a specific craft for her to do so I asked her to draw me a giraffe. She has drawn giraffes a few times in the past but for whatever reason she "couldn't" draw a giraffe. I didn't want her to give up so I googled "how to draw a giraffe". came up as one of the top searches and boy am I glad that we found it! What an amazing resource! 

Art For Kids Hub posts videos of a Dad and his kids drawing (or painting or sculpting) all different kinds of things! It is great! The Dad does an awesome job of explaining the shapes and concepts so that kids can understand them but also so that the child won't feel defeated if their picture doesn't look the same as the Dad's. I honestly can not say enough good things about this blog or these videos

Here are some of the drawings that Kenley made yesterday:

 (Of course this Elephant picture must be mailed to her Elephant loving BFF) :) 

There is so much more to discover on that blog! We have barely scratched the surface and we can't wait to do more of the activities! 


Unknown said...

Keri, I loved this post! I'm so glad you found us and your daughter had so much fun. Please tell her she did amazing and we love all of her drawings. She's so talented!

Best Drawing Friends,


Carol Blanchet said...

My Favorite is the turtle!
Thanks for the website!