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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our life lately has been super full! In the past two weeks we have gotten to see so many old friends, said goodbye to friends moving to California, and managed to see Grandma and Grandpa for about 6 hours! It's been crazy busy but its been great! I actually mentioned to a friend the other day that I think we just didn't have as many friends in Washington as we do here in North Carolina. Especially now that we have a mix of old friends and new friends as we are meeting more people through our new church (that we LOVE) and Classical Conversations. 

These pictures are in order of when they were taken but they seem so random so you will have to bear with me on that! 

 I found these cute ring popsicle molds at TJ Maxx. They are a great portion size for the girls not to mention how adorable they are! These would make an awesome birthday gift for a little girl! 

You need to seek out these peanut butter cups. Oh my, they are delicious. WAY better tasting than Reeses and they don't have HFCS or GMOs! 

The Friedlein boys spent a Friday with us! David was so helpful the whole time! We sure will miss them but we are so thankful that we got to spend the last 2 months with them! 

Kenley drew this picture of her and David wearing cowboy hats :)

The Good family were our house guests that night too! What fun for our families to be back together now that we are all parents! 

I let her join me on an errand to Walmart dressed like this.... 
I'm quite sure Walmart has seen worse :)

Surprises for our littlest house guests! 

Saturday we got to see the Lugg's! We met them in Kinston where Kim and I took the kids to a park designed for children way older than ours! 

That thing has like 3 stories and was packed with upper elementary kids it was nuts! That's Kenley up at the top... Stressing me out... Usually I don't stress about this kind of thing... but in Kinston at a crazy busy big park I stress....

The girlies...

The Mamas

Sunday after church we went out for Mexican food. CLo finished up our salsa before we left the restaurant. That girl loves her salsa! 

Monday was Memorial Day so we headed to Baker's Kitchen for some French Toast with a bunch of our friends! 

Lily and Kenley were hard at work writing a book...

CLo's head is almost in the way but when I look at Kenley and Lily here I just see them as teenagers...

Selfie with CLo...

The Good Family and Ronk Family Memorial Day 2014

The next day I let the girls help me peel crayons. The easiest way to peel crayons is to soak them in a bowl of water for a little bit and the peels slide right off... However when you let two little girls join in it becomes a bit of a messy water everywhere production! 
 (Side note: I was saving a bunch of crayon wrappers for a craft project and would you believe it I lost them.... sometimes I out organize myself!)

Daddy and the girls catching Fireflies or Lightning Bugs.. Is there a difference?

Hey Hey! He got his diploma! 

I had Kenley cut our our rainbows from the craft of the day the other day and we hung them up in the craft room. They make it look extra cheery! 

Then on Wednesday Grandma and Grandpa dropped by for the day! They were visiting Williamsburg and drove down to see us for the day. The girls were so happy to see them! They loved every minute of it! 

I made a little road trip present for David and Aiden...

On Saturday we realized that Kenley has a loose tooth! WHAT?!?!?! My baby is too little for this!!! 

What? You don't pose with the mannequins when you go to Old Navy? 

Monday we went to the aquarium with the Steel's! They have a dinosaur theme going on this summer complete with moving dinosaurs which the girls thought were awesome. Ever since Gunnar's birthday and the home school conference we have been all about dinosaurs. Kenley especially loves watching Buddy Davis and Ken Ham's talks on dinosaurs and reading Ken Ham's book on dinosaurs!  

That about brings us up to speed! I hope you enjoy your weekend! 

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