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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The past few days have flown by! Brian has been home with us and it has been so wonderful! We love getting extra Daddy time!

Saturday we did the adoption run 10k! Brian ran it, Terri walk/ran it, and Fred and I walked and talked while we pushed the littles in their strollers.

Kimberly is home for the summer now too! We have really been enjoying all of our extra time with Daddy and Auntie!

Kenley likes to steal Aunties "eyes"... Kimberly is nearly blind though so I try to not let Kenley wear the glasses for too long in fear that she will ruin her own eyesight by looking through that thick prescription. She sure does look cute when she wears them though!
Blanket and Giraffe have had to let Baby Maria in on the night/nap time cuddling. Maria was my baby doll when I was little! I really wanted a Mexican baby doll, probably because we ate a lot of Las Margaritas... Now I like to think that even when I was little I knew I wanted to adopt! :)
Wednesday I went to work! I worked at Anthropologie to help count inventory. It was pretty fun but I missed my babies! It worked out that Claire only had to have 1 bottle from Daddy. I think that he really enjoyed getting to spend the morning flying solo with his girls.

I am so thankful that Brian desires for me to be a stay at home Mom! I am also so thankful to him for getting up so early for school everyday! He typically has to wake up @ 4:45! That is so early! I had to wake up @ 4:00 for inventory and it was rough!
I am attempting homemade vanilla extract! It seems to be a pretty simple method. 3 split vanilla beans per 1 cup of vodka. Place in a bottle and shake every once and a while for 2 months. I will let you know if it ends up working! Someone gave my mom that pretty bottle and I promptly stole it to house my soon-to-be-vanilla. :)
I found tons of oranges on sale for 50% off today at the co-op! I am going to crank up the juicer and make fresh orange juice for breakfast tomorrow!

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