Spring Break in Chelan Part 4- The Last One!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Peters were only able to stay for half of the week. The rest of our time at Chelan was very low key! I sure do love my little family! God has blessed Brian and I so much with these sweet little girls! 

Some ducks came to visit...

We popped into a thrift shop and found a Spirit the Stallion of Cimarron book! If you know Kenley right now you know that she is obsessed with the Spirit movie! It was so random that we found that random book in great condition! Brian went up to pay for it while I distracted the girls so that we could surprise her with it that night. The lady told Brian that the book was in good condition so it would be $1.50. He told her that she could have said $50 and he would have still bought it for her. :)

We also found Brian some glasses! What do you think? 

Put Put! 

She looks like a teenager in this picture! 

Claire has become such a climber! 

Thankfully there was actually very little of this on our trip! 

I added vinyl to some Dollar Tree buckets for the girls before we left. Everything looks better when its personalized! 

We went to our FAVORITE place! Orchard Wood Ovens in Manson, WA. They have the best caramelized onion and goat cheese pizza. We love it. We went again the next day right before we left! 

We also did lots of pool time!

Claire following the ducks around yelling "Quack" as loud as her little voice would let her! 

We actually got some sunshine and warmth the last day! Our vacation was just about a week too early. After we left Chelan got beautiful warm weather! 

I wanted to get one last picture of the girls before we left and they cooperated! I LOVE this picture! It is definitely getting framed and put on the wall! 

When we turned around to head back to our room we saw that our lady duck was about to go inside! 

We headed out around 8. It was great timing! The girls slept while Brian and I played the game of naming a person, place, or thing for the letter T, random but we played from Chelan all the way to the pass before we switched to guessing who the other person was thinking of! The drive went by so quickly! I have so much fun with my awesome husband! I sure do love that guy! 


Jenny said...

So fun! Love the sweet picture of the girls too. Are you still planning a trip to NC this month??

Emily said...

Those are some sexy glasses ;]

KMom said...

once again, I want to click like on all the pics, but steal the one of Brian in his new glasses :)
you know post it on FB :) haha