Spring Break in Chelan Part 3

Sunday, April 7, 2013

We put Claire and Asher to bed a little earlier one night so that Kenley and Gracen could dye eggs! I got a great egg kit from Target that had dye and foam stickers to decorate the eggs like jungle animals. Kenley loves foam stickers and animals so she loved this!  

The next day...

Kenley decorated them all by herself! My favorites are the smile on the monkey and the "scary mouth" on the lion! So cute! 

After decorating the eggs we moved on to painting rocks! These girls love to paint! 

All 5 kiddos together. We plan to vacation with the Peters many more times in the future so it will be so fun to always look back on the group pictures that we take of the kids and see how they have grown and changed! 

Thanks for vacationing with us Peters family! We sure do love you lots! 

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