Kid Craft Essentials from The Dollar Tree

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I love shopping the Dollar Tree for kid craft supplies! Here are a few of my must have's! 

Number 1: Kid Scissors
These kid scissors are great, they have that little lift assist clip which pops the scissors open once the child snips them. Kenley struggled with scissors quite a bit in the beginning and ever since we switched to these scissors she has done awesome. These are also great trainers because now that Kenley knows the technique she is able to use other scissors without that lift assist clip but she does still prefer these for their ease of use! 

Number 2: Glitter Glue
$1 for 10 tubes of glitter glue is a great price! Especially when you consider how much of the glue little kids love to squeeze out of the bottles at one time! 

Number 3: Bingo Markers
We were introduced to Dot-a-Dot markers at our library's toddler time. They are a great product but the price is a little steep when these bingo markers can serve the exact same purpose! There are lots of great links to Dot-a-Dot work pages on Pinterest. We like this set of alphabet dot pages from Confessions of a Homeschooler. I would also love to use my Silhouette software to design my own one day when I have some extra time!  

Number 4: Coloring and Texture Crayon Set 
I bought 2 of these Coloring and Texture sets to add to the girls Church bags. They are great for that purpose but I actually really just like the little crayon! It is great for throwing in my purse so that the girls can have access to a crayon while we are out and about or at restaurants when I don't want to bring their entire Church bags along with us. I also like that the crayon parts are contained within plastic so I don't have to worry about crayon getting all over the contents of my purse! 

(This last one isn't a craft essential but we have been loving it so I have to throw it in!)

Number 5: Alphabet and Number Puzzles
Kenley loves doing puzzles and this is about the perfect size for her right now! It helps with her letter recognition as well as understanding that the abc's that we sing actually correlate with letters. I recently bought the numbers puzzle as well so hopefully that will help with her number recognition too! 

Those are my must have's! Can you think of anything that I'm missing? 

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