April and May Kid Crafts! (So Far)

Friday, May 17, 2013

We've had fun playing with a few new (to Kenley) craft mediums lately! 

I've got a new thing for washi tape... I can't resist it! For now, I have most of my rolls on an IKEA paper roll holder. Kenley is having a lot of fun with the washi tape too! 

We made cards for my Grandma's birthday...

We also added some foam flower stickers. Somehow we ended up with TONS of Spring flower foam stickers.... Blame the Target Easter clearance aisle!  

Mid-April we received our first Kiwi Crate! I honestly wish I would have thought of the idea for Kiwi Crate! If you've never heard of it, Kiwi Crate is a company that sends out kids craft boxes once a month. Each box contains 2 craft projects and an explore more pamphlet. Each box also contains all the supplies that you will need to make each craft so that you don't need to worry about having other supplies like glue or paintbrushes. 

April's crate theme was "Caring for Earth"

In your first crate you receive a pair of scissors. 

The first thing Kenley loves to do is cut out the Kiwi and the other figure.

April's Kiwi Crate contained a paper making kit and a leaf stamped bag kit. We did the leaf stamped bag project right away but we haven't done the paper making kit yet. I am saving it for a day when we can get a long nap out of CLo!  

We had a little trouble making the leaf stamp so it didn't stamp super well for Kenley. I pulled out a few alphabet stamps that I got at the Target dollar spot for her to embellish her bag with too. We ended up setting the bag aside to embellish more on another day. 

This next one is 100% Kenley created :) 

She made a flag out of a pencil, a bingo paper, and some washi tape.

The week before Mother's Day we headed to a local paint-your-own-pottery studio to make presents for the Grandmas! 

This isn't a craft... but it was a project :)
Kenley TP'ed the yard one day... Haha! 

We made glowing bouncy balls! This little kit was in the $3 spot at Target. 

We poured the little crystals into the molds and then placed the molds in water, let them sit, and out came bouncy balls! Kenley really had fun with choosing the colors as well as hiding in the closet to see them glow after they were made! 

The package says that it will make 2 balls but we had enough crystals for 6 balls! 

That same day I went upstairs to find my Mom's stamps so that we could add more to Kenley's Kiwi Crate bag! 

 On Wednesday, Kenley's May Kiwi Crate arrived! This one had a "Feathered Friends" theme. This crate was awesome! 
She loved doing both projects! 

She of course had to cut out the characters first! 

Kenley LOVED making the bird mask and wings! She has worn them as some point everyday since she made it! 

She is pointing to the real birds in the bird feeder. 

Kenley loved the bird mask and wings so much that I am thinking about changing one of my Craftivity Camp plans to include a mask day! 

{ If you use the Kiwi Crate links in this blog post to order from Kiwi Crate, you and I will both receive $10 off our crates! That would make your first crate just $10! }

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