Mommy Daughter Date Day!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Kenley and I went on a date last Thursday! A new paint-your-own Pottery studio opened up in town and when I drove past the other day I saw that they have a preschool story time. I love painting pottery so we had to check it out! 

The lady read a story and then the kids got to paint a tile! She outlined their handprints, then let them fill them in with paint, and she will go over their outline with a paint pen. (I would have just let them paint the tiles and then have them do painted handprints over the top but since it was our first time, I kept my mouth shut) :) 

Kenley saw the horse and fell in love so we stayed after story time and she painted her horse. Just like Spirit of course! 

After painting pottery we headed to get some lunch. Spaghetti is still holding strong as her favorite food so spaghetti it was! 

I had so much fun spending one on one time with Kenley! I totally need to spend more one on one time with each girl! Next week I'm taking Claire on a date! 

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Emma said...

That spaghetti picture makes me laugh!!!