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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Lately's

We spend a lot of time coloring... 

These are the princesses: Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel, and I'm not sure who she said that last blue princess was. All with their babies. :) 

We also spend a lot of time playing with washi tape... It was raining really hard that day so Kenley thought that the dolls needed sweatshirts with hoods.   

Kenley had her first bloody head wound... She was showing off jumping off a chair and ran her head into my dehydrator. Thankfully she was okay and I learned that head wounds bleed a lot! 

Date night! This was a fun show... Only hampered by the fact that they had scripts!? Lame. Tracey was disappointing but Penny was fantastic! 

Grammy put real princess lipstick in the girls stockings at Christmas. I had successfully kept the lipstick hidden until last week when I was organizing... It needs to go back into hiding! :)

I find the peg dolls in funny situations all the time. This time the dolls wanted to swing. 

I went to a washi tape party and made cute banners for the girls easels! 

Gymnastics. Still loving it! 

Kenley needed a sleeping bag...

I spent half a day filling water balloons with paint for Craftivity Camp. It was worth it! 

Craftivtiy Camp is so fun! 

A crazy rain/wind storm hit right as our last campers were driving away and I had to frantically run outside to rescue all the art.... We had a few casualties... Thats okay though because the fun is in the process not the product! 

We went out for Mexican since the kitchen was off limits.... 

After Craftivity Camp was over we went back outside and did some painting with the leftover paint to relax a little.
We camped in the backyard! We ate chili outside, roasted marshmallows by the fire, and slept in the tent! It was actually super fun and has me really excited for when we get to go real camping! 

This one ended up in my sleeping bag... Her head is on me (cutting off my air supply) and her feet are kicking Brian.... That is ALWAYS how she sleeps when she is in with us. She sure looks adorable when she is asleep though! 

Splash Park! 

The girls got their very own washi tapes! These cute little sets of 2 are only $1.19 at Craft Mart! Craft Mart also has some other very cute sets of washi tape in stock right now and when you use their 40% off coupon they come out to about $1 a roll! 

Breakfast at Starbucks before Church! We camped out the night before for the 2nd time... that was dumb! The first campout went great but this time they woke up before 5 am?!?!! I needed that Venti! 

P.S. Next time you get a free drink... Order a White Mocha Java Chip Frappuccino with Hazelnut plus Hazelnut and Chocolate drizzle on top... Yes, it's complicated but it's also super delicious! 

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