Christmas Morning and Day

Thursday, January 3, 2013

After stockings, we headed to my parents house to open presents with them and my Sister. The girls loved their cowgirl hats and horses. 

Kenley really likes taking pictures with my phone :) This is her taking a picture of CLo on the horse. 

After opening presents at my parents we all walked the 43 steps and went to open presents at our house! 

We got the girls the Tarzan soundtrack. They both love it! Brian and I do too since it is so much better than the Disney Princess Christmas music we had to endure during December! 

Brian built the girls this dress-up closet from the plans on (He modified the size a bit to fit in their room)

I have vinyl to cut out monograms for the sides too! I just haven't gotten a chance yet.

After opening presents at our house we headed to John and Amy's for Christmas dinner and more presents! I didn't get many pictures of the evening but we had lots of fun and Amy made super yummy Chicken Parmesan for dinner! (I swear chicken tastes so much better at her house!) 

Christmas was super fun but by the time we got to Amy's house, Claire was done opening presents and wasn't into it at all which meant that I pretty much opened all of her presents. Maybe next year I will use more gift bags..... or schedule some time in for naps! :) 


Amy said...

We agree! Next year, dinner starts at 5. :)

Emily said...

Love the pictures!

Christy said...

We have that EXACT same pizza set, with the cheese and red pepper flakes too- except that it's from when Jesse was a kid!

Keri Ronk said...

That is so funny Christy! It's also the same as what our Children's Museum has! I actually found the set at the thrift store for $3! My $3 find was Claire's favorite present!